Erotic star wars stories

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Erotic star wars stories

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Erotic star wars stories

Exceeded 32 characters. Search Archive Catergories :. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. I decided to write this story and hopefully the next bunch of chapters because I always got these types of vibes.

I have a bunch of ideas for future episodes and I've included every tag I'm planning on including so far. These episodes will take place in the most recent trilogy. Reviews welcome. I will try to update as frequently as I can. If I add chapters with new codes I will update accordingly.

Erotic star wars stories

Scavenger Rey By : Erotic star wars stories Published : April 29, Rey is intrigued by some restraints she finds while scavenging on a crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku. Master By : Kingmaker Published : February 9, Leia's Legacy By : salarta Published : December 7, Leia held many titles throughout her life. Her son Kylo Ren endows her with the one by which she will be most remembered - and all the duties it entails. Zane Godu is a 23 year old Sith warrior sent by the Emperor to track down and kill all of the young Padawans on the jungle planet of Felucia.

Zane loves the idea of killing, but he also likes to play with his prey for a bit. As Rey sneaks out of her interrogation, she mind controls the trooper to drop his guard and his gun. What else can she get him to drop? Encounters By : Banshee Published : September 12, For those who have a hard time choosing between Wedge and Tycho Leia is marrying the Hutt Crime Lord, at first she is repulsed but as the night goes on she realises she is attracted to the Hutt.

Rey's Predicament By : ninjasavage98 Published : March 7, After being robbed by ruthless criminals, Rey has to get back home before dark, and hope that Unkar is kind enough to spare some rations. Like she expected Unkar is no understanding, but what she doesn't expect is for the work that Unkar has planned for her that night.

She's not sure what she's getting herself into, but she's sure to do a good job so she can eat tonight. Set mostly during the Clone Wars although other eras will feature later on. The nightsisters of Dathomir have a plan to end the war as we know it - force the entire galaxy into wanting nothing but sex.

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka are sent to stop them, but something happens to Ahsoka during the mission. She's suddenly All the time. Bureaucracy is universal, and tries to lock the door after the horses have escaped Rey's Interrogation By : S. Corsette Published : November 22, A young boy is captured by Palpatine and is tortured personally by him and becomes the Emperor's personal sex toy.

Erotic star wars stories

A Twi'lek wife and mother cannot resist the allure of a life of slavery beneath the bootheels of two sadistic human boys. Leia's new role for the Rebel cause isn't much different from her life under Jabba. At least with Jabba, she didn't have to pretend she liked being used. Ahsoka Tano and her friend Barriss have found a fascinating new force technique Vore, Unbirth and Hot Alien Sex, that's what!

Erotic star wars stories

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Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga