Embarrassing nurse stories

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We had a resident who prior to our shift coming on duty was yelling and demanding to see a Doctor to take care of his itchy, dry skin which he stated, "Has hives all over it.

Embarrassing nurse stories

The Dr. This was the same resident who had "lice bugs" crawling all over him last week and the same resident who was doing all of the retching and the vomiting that I so ENJOY hearing!!!. I explained what the Dr. Now I have to apply the cream This man is three years younger than I mind you. If anyone was standing outside the door listening, you would think I was giving him some oral sex!!!!

I felt myself blush and I haven't done that in years! And it was truely the most embarressing moment in my entire nursing career and all I Could do was run out of there and fast! Specializes in Med Surg, Homecare, Hospice. Apr 22, A l-o-n-g time ago I walked Embarrassing nurse stories a patient's room to find the ortho surgeon at the foot of the bed holding giant pliers-I saw a saw and bits of the cast on the floor-sweat was pouring from his brow.

He had made a cut down the front of the leg cast and was attempting to pry it apart-he said-"Get that penny from the bedside table over there and drop it down in here" So-I did-literally I dropped the penny down into the cast I thought he would faint! I will never forget how stupid I felt when I realized what he really had wanted me to do Has 30 years experience.

Embarrassing nurse stories

One of our frequent repeaters came to the floor escorted by the admissions clerk and family members. Since I had just admitted and discharged him less than a week before I proceeded to just converse with him and fill in the form from memory. Then I stepped over to get vital s and he said It certainly was moonrose2u!

Whenever someone does that, I always try to make them feel not so embarrassed by saying, "Just like being home! So I'm pretty used to Embarrassing nurse stories of those funky sounds and smells. I like to say that different aspects of my life, and sometimes my work is like and I quote "a bad episode of seinfeld" you know, full of humour except for the person involved, quirky n clumsy etc Our clinical teacher I fell over the damn thing Apr 23, As a new nurse fresh out of school.

I was in a hurry to get my shift wrapped up. I had a male patient that was an CVA from while back. He was completely aphasic, or sp they claimed. We I trying to hurry, and I tripped over his foley cather, well for some one who was completely aphasic, he sure did yell " OUCH you Hurt my c.

I was embarrased. Little TURP anyone. Specializes in jack of all trades, master of none. Has 14 years experience. There are questions on the admission form about ETOH use, and Embarrassing nurse stories bought some with her disability check every month.

The next question was "How long have you used alcohol? I was mortified. I'll never forget the look on the face of my preceptor, who had been sitting on the windowsill, watching me admit this woman. Happened right out of nursing school one of the first times I inserted a foley. I was in a really big hurry, grapped the foley out of the supply pyxis and hurried to the room.

Got the foley in, no problem I had put in a straight cath Has 12 years experience. I am right there with ya wendy. Grace was definitly not a virtue that the good Lord gifted me with Something that I usually wait to share with new employer until after I have started working is that sometimes I fall.

We got code pinked to a delivery. As we ran out the door of the NICU there was a large crowd of people standing directly in frony of it. My RT and Doc that were with me were big guys and everyone parted for them. I guess they couldn't see little ole me cause the next thing I know I am sliding down the hall on my knees, my delivery box sliding along beside me, long and loud stream of explicitives streaming from my mouth. My doc was running in the middle trying to pull me up and grab my box.

I did manage to regain my footing after about a 15 ft slide and make it to the delivery.

Embarrassing nurse stories

Thank God no one did and that none of them thought to call Security as there was a camera in the hall. In Register Now! Search Search. Nurses Nursing. What was most embarrassing moment as a nurse? Posted Apr 22, Register to Comment. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Those dang tv's! Always wacking my head. I think that's part reason why I'm mindless today! Oh my. Those would all be embarassing.

But mine was just drop through the floor BAD!!!

Embarrassing nurse stories

Lord, please don't EVER let me do anything that stupid again, ever, please. Amen Love Dennie. This is really embarrassing There seem to be prerequisites to this a It must be an emergent situation. This topic is now closed to further replies.

Embarrassing nurse stories

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