Embarrasing pee stories

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Women are pretty amazing at talking and sharing life experiences when we need to debrief or feel understood. You know, that we now pee a little when we laugh at a joke, or run for the bus. One in 2 women over 35 years actually pee a little bit when we run, laugh, bend, lift, sneeze or jump. Yet 0 in 2 of us talk about it. For most women, it starts with a surprise pee that in most cases can be resolved with a quick change of undies and a pad. But in the case of pee versus period blood; not all p are created Embarrasing pee stories. Mamamia spoke candidly to 13 women about the time they peed a bit in public and how they managed to remain poised under pressure.

Let's debrief. All the exertion and thumping of my feet brought back a feeling I had totally forgotten about.

Embarrasing pee stories

I had leakage. I chose the latter, lost a few seconds and came second — if only they knew why. He says, "Mummy you can just stand there and kick the ball, you don't have to run? Dancing Embarrasing pee stories vigorously, I guess? I now have to switch them the muscles on deliberately. Luckily, we wear really dark pants and it wasn't obvious but I became very self-conscious and worried that someone would notice.

I had to discretely turn around and check myself. I have now banned skipping from all my workouts. The operation is done under full anaesthetic and they use a mesh to close off part of the urethra. Thankfully, I could go back to playing tennis. Time to step up my Kegel pelvic floor exercises.

I have three kids and I have light bladder leakage too. My son wanted me to jump with him and I leaked. The older I get, the worse it gets. That way I can do a quick clean up and get back to living. I make sure that I empty bladder before playing but still get leakage.

Someone told a story that had us all laughing, and I felt a bit of pee leaking into my undies. From that point on I began to wear Poise p every time I went out — just in case! Oh, and moving heavy objects does it too.

Embarrasing pee stories

Another time just turning the tap on and hearing the sound of running water made me pee my pants. Love that for us. Order your free sample at poise. Leave a comment. Thanks to our brand partner, Poise. Laura Jackel. Contributor - Parenting. Listen Now. Philippa, at work in front of inmates "As a custodial correctional officer, I sneezed whilst conducting a lockdown of over 50 inmates. Natasha, while sneezing "I am currently weeks-pregnant and peed when I sneezed last weekend!

Peta, bouncing with the kids "This is definitely not something we should feel embarrassed about. Marayke, while trampolining "Trampolines are the worst.

Embarrasing pee stories

Laura, while teaching a class "I think my biggest incident of LBL was laughing at a student's joke just before break time — my bladder was full, and I nearly completely peed my pants. Asten, playing netball "I literally pee my pants every time I play netball. Helena, laughing with friends "I remember the first time I peed myself was when I was pregnant and out for dinner with friends. Arrah, during squats, sneezing, swings and running water "I had big babies and have been left with LBL.

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Embarrasing pee stories

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13 women share that time they peed a little in public.