Dressed as a woman stories

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A couple months ago, I created a poll asking how often you go out in public as a woman. The first time I went public as a woman was one day in downtown Toronto where I live, about 10 years ago. I drove there, and walked into a hotel lobby, and back to my car. A couple of women noticed me walk in, and I know studying me as walked past them, but it seemed to be a positive response, with no other obvious attention besides, that I remember.

My heart was pounding, nervous, but elated as well. There was no turning back since then. Thanks again Lucille! Hi Lucille, first off love your blogs and your advice. Its helped a lot. Now my first time out in public we went to a movie my friend maria a gg-genuine girl and i. I was so scared and afraid I would be outted. I was shaking and well even afraid to go to the bathroom. Yet even with that iI was frieghtened that somebody would recognize me or see thru my make-up.

I wore skinny jjeans, with a white blouse, and high heels.

Dressed as a woman stories

Not to high but enough. After that night I was relieved and continued to dress fem. Love, Kellie A. So do away with them. I love you, Maxwell x. I have always thought I had a feminine side to me. But it all started back inmy girlfriend and I was playing some guitar hero and seeing as I was more advanced than her I made a bet with her.

Dressed as a woman stories

If I won she have to clean the house, serve and feed me bed for a whole day in nothing but her underwear. She said and if she won, I said you choose. She said if she won I would have dress as a female outfit, shoes, make up, hair etc. I said your on, seeing as I knew I had a sucker lol. Well needless to say I lost not only once but 2 out of 3.

I asked Ok when do we do this, just wanted to pay off my debt as quickly as possible and seeing as it was close to Halloween she choose that day. One or two days before Dressed as a woman stories took me shopping for an outfit, hair some make up to match my skin tone and heels.

She then took me to get a mani and pedi with color. The day of I shaved all the body and facial hair off, she applied the make up and dressed me up that was an three to four hour process. After all dolling up was done she said now look in the mirror, I was like holy crap is that me?

Now, although I thought I looked pretty darn good I was really hesitant on going out in public dressed as a female. She said your bet is not paid off yet, We I ran nervously got into she car, she drove us to the marina where they have a small park and walkway path next to the water. She Ok lets take a walk around, I was shaking I was so nervous, I thought about backing out of the deal but I came this far.

Dressed as a woman stories

We got out and walked around next to the water as she took pictures of me, she taught me how to walk in heels, sit on the bench like a female and how I should be moving. There was alot of people there and I felt at anytime someone was going to come and start some trouble. However not one person even really noticed, a few people was jogging towards us and just smiled and said hello.

Dressed as a woman stories

We were out there for about an hour or so, then she said Ok were not done yet. I was like WHAT?!? We got back in the car and she took us to a restaurant, we walked in and she kept reminding me that I had to walk and sit like a female does, the receptionist asked how you two ladies doing this evening. I was wow she saw me as a lady cool, however I was still really nervous.

We got seated and seeing as I did not have a female voice she told me she that she would order for us, I was like thank you lord. I was wow did she really think so. There was two other girls looking my way and one of them came up and asked where do you get your nails done, my GF answered for me, she Ok thanks and went back to table, I think she just wanted a closer look. We got back in the car and drove home. She then asked me so how did it feel to do all that. I said it actually felt exciting and exhilarating I never thought that I could pass as a female.

We got home I took off the outfit and seeing as we went through all of this four hours of work I left the make up and bra and panties on put on my jammies and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror I was still in awe. I have given my female half her own name, wish I could get an ID card with my female name and picture Dressed as a woman stories it. Would save alot of time and anxiety when asked if an ID.

My GF is a total supporter for me she even asks me for make up tips and outfit choices funny huh. But all went well after that. Thanks reading and I hope this helps anyone out there who is thinking about stepping out and get out of the closet. Your missing a wonderful experience every time you do.

Dressed as a woman stories

Everyday missed is a day lost. What a beautiful story.

Dressed as a woman stories

Congrats for having met these two girls in your life: your fem self and your GF. No many woman nowadays are so open-minded as to accept and support us CDs. I would like to find one girl like that myself, because I really like woemen but also like dressing up and enjoy my femenine side. Latin American countries seem to be very conservative.

I want a girl that help me with my makeup and that endorse me to go out with her dressed up. I am also a person with sight disabilities and want to enjoy my whole personality… oh dear. The first time I went out and about as a woman was Oct My mother and father was away and my sister was at work and I had been dressing for a while so I had some womens clothes and things. I can remember it very well. In them days there was no tights but stockings and I had an old corset of my mothers with sespenders and a pair of brazilin coulorded stockings and I wore my sisters red dress and I remember useing my sisters makeup and Dancing about and I had the urge to venture out side it was very windy and the wind blew up my dress and it took my breath away and my dress blew right up to my face.

I went to the front door and oppened tentefly and look about. I was having great difficulty with my dress trying to keep the skirt part down I got to the bus stop was there was 2or3 people waiting I took shelter in a shop doorway and I caught sight of myself in the shop window…. I was shocked I looked a woman. I got on the Bus and paid the conductor ,a old school friend got on the bus and looked at me as he passed…nothing. Got to Town and got off the bus the wind seemed to have got stronger.

As I got off the bus a gust of wind blew my dress right up and there was a deafening woolf whistle. I can still feel my blushing now. I got to a cafe and had a coffee…People still saw me as a woman and I was very pleased with my self but then a nightmare my sister come and sat opersit me…didnot gave me a second glance. I was mad to Dressed as a woman stories it at first but glad I did.

I decided to go home and change, then walk from my car to the venue. It was Saturday night and the streets were packed with young people. Virtually no one took the slightest bit of notice and I immediately felt very comfortable and most certainly unthreatened.

The skirt may have been a tad short for my 72 years, but I felt very sexy and unashamed. The who experience has changed my attitude about dressing at the venue. I wore flats and changed into highs there, but wore highs back to the car later. I almost was forced to go out my first time. A of years ago I let my hair grow out and started getting it permed.

Dressed as a woman stories also started carrying a purse as with so much in my pockets caused pain when I sat. I decided then that I no longer had to live for society but for myself. We take several vacations a year so I started going as the woman I am. No one gave me any indication they saw me as anything but a woman.

Dressed as a woman stories

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