Dorm room sex stories

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Hey, how's it going, My name is Dorm room sex stories, I was a young man of nineteen when this incident occured. I was a first year Student in College, I was a rather introverted guy. I was my own person, I made very good grades, I wasn't built like a sports hero or athletic god, but I was not that bad looking either.

Actually I am nice looking, I do wear glasses, but I look nice, at least I think so. I try not to let my being gay show to much, I'm not in any way femish or flaming as some guys refer to it. I had gotten to my new dorm room that Thursday afternoon, gotten all settled in, and headed for the cafeteria. I had some supper that evening and took a tour of the campus to see if anything had changed over the summer months,since I had come to check things out that past year, and due to the fact that there was always construction going on on campus.

But I was able to remember where most things were. I went back up to my second floor Dorm Room, I opened the door, and I almost swallowed my tongue, the first thing to hit me in the face was this awesome looking ass in a pair of white briefs. Now being a gay man, I know a good looking ass when I see one, I was speechless, Who was this absolute god of a guy with the most awesome ass I had seen in person in a long time.

Travis stood up and turned around, I wanted to die, I couldn't speak, I just stood there with my mouth open, trying to say something. Finally Travis just giggled, 'Hey man, your gonna get a mouth full of flys if you don't shut your mouth,' He said with a giggle. Sorry, Just a little shocked to see you here,I didn't know I had been ased a room mate. We showed each other the proper courtesies. I helped Travis get his belongings into the room, things put in their proper places and things in the closet, then he flopped down on the bed in a pair of shorts.

Well tell me about yourself, I told him all there was to know about me except the fact that I wanted to ravish his gorgeous body, Holy Fuck, he was beautiful. Travis then preceeded to tell me about himself. He was on the College swimming team, ran track, and played baseball, he was an allstate in his home state of Arizona, and he was built like a greek god, I noticed everything about Travis, his hands were beautiful, and his eyes and face was out of a modeling magazine, he was so masculine acting, I realized he was a total straight dude, and I needed to be very careful how I dealt with him.

He had this gorgeous chest, awesome abs, unbelievable legs and there was this beautiful tuft of dark hair running down from his navel into his shorts, he was laying back on the bed like he was posing for an indredible photo op. We had gotten along very well and were really great pals and I Dorm room sex stories every oportunity I could to get a glimpse of his body every chance I got. I had been gone to my part time job working in the college Library, I got off at p. I got to my room and Travis was standing there reading a magazine and leafing thru the s, which was nothing new.

He turned around looking like he had seen a Dorm room sex stories, 'Hey Kyle, what's up? He looked up at me and said, 'Hey man, I'm heading to the mens room for a shower, care to me? I was surprised to hear him offer that to me. I said, 'sure man, I'll get my stuff. Now I had showered in the presence of other guys before, so I wasn't bothered with getting naked in front of Travis, just worried that I might spring a boner in the shower to my embarrassment. I walked naked into shower room which was an open room with several shower he sticking out of the wall, no privacy dividers.

Travis just stood there with water running down the torso of his gorgeous body, and I was noticing that he was acting a little strange, trying to bring attention to his very large endowment, looking like he was tempting me or something. Well I finally finished my shower, trying to hold back a boner that was slowly trying to emerge. I felt that heavy thick feeling beginning to take place between my legs. My seven inch cock was thicking up as I tried not to notice Travis's body. I got back to the room and thats when it hit me, I opened up Travis's night stand drawer and there it was the Magazine, it was one of my gay magazines which I thought I had hidden.

Knowing I'm gay doesn't change anything about our friendship. Travis plopped down on the bed and took the magazine and began to flick thru it with his fingers coming to stop on this one pic of this guy with a huge cock shoved to the hilt in this cute little guys asshole.

Dorm room sex stories

No more Dorm room sex stories said about that, we went on about our business and for the next week or so nothing more was ever mentioned. Then this one night I got finished with my job working late in the Library that Friday night and went to my Dorm room, knowing that they were playing a foolball game in the stadium that evening, and then afterward there would be the usual beer parties at some of the Frat houses and other places. I had gone to the dormatory and taken my shower, and was laying in the bed almost asleep, it was about a.

I heard the door open, and Travis stumbled into the dorm room. I could tell he had been drinking some, I was not sure just how much. I heard him getting undressed in the dark. I just figured that he was getting undressed and ready to crash on his bed. I just rolled over on my side facing away from Travis, when all of a sudden he pulled back my covers and I felt his naked body crawl in beside me, I was stupified, I lay there motionless, I could smell his liquered breath waifing over to my nostrils, and then I felt his tongue slide into my ear, sending shivers of excitement through my body.

What the hell was happening, this god of a straight athlete, was trying to make out with me, I just lay there to see where this would go. Then he began to speak is this silly, inebriated voice, 'Hey man, your really a good looking guy you know that?

Dorm room sex stories

How would you like to have sex with me tonight? Travis pulled me over onto my back and began to play with my nipples and kiss my almost naked body licking and sucking his way around my neck, lips, and chest. I was about to explode with lust and desire, this was a dream come true, too bad he was drunk, But being gay and so much in lust with Travis, I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I was laying there just letting Travis have his way with me, albeit he was a little snockered, he had reached his hand down into my briefs and was roughly rubbing my balls, and squeezing my hardening cock like the beginner he was, but I was enjoying the hell out of it.

It didn't take very long to feel his gyrating body against mine and I felt that thick, hard cock against my legs and he humped me like a breading dog would hump your leg. I know you have been wanting me for a long time now, I really want to. I felt his hand go down between my legs and found the crack of my ass and slid his finger to the man hole, Then I felt his finger hit it's mark, he moaned with appreciation.

I groaned in pleasure as he began to finger my asshole making me go wild, wanting him so bad I could almost taste him. I reached over and felt his thick, long cock with my hand, it was neat, clean and cut, with a substantial thick Dorm room sex stories, and a very prominant head flaring out. I said, 'Hey man, let me try something,' I leaned over and sucked his awesome cock into my mouth and began to work it over with my lips, tongue and mouth, Travis was about to loose it, I was deep throating him like crazy, he was almost going wild.

Finally he just got so turned on Travis groaned loudly, and pulled me over on my back and he dove face first into my asshole with my legs up over my face,ashe held me up. His tongue went to drilling for oil, it was so awesome to feel Travis doing this with me. Travis finally got finished eating my ass out and kneeled up in front of my body, spread my legs apart, slicked his cock up with saliva and pre-cum and placed that hot cock against my opening, I could feel that fantastic heat, and then I felt one sharp jab of pain and I was impaled to the pubic bone on Travis, with his big thick cock.

I was feeling his manly body, muscular, tight, sweaty and grinding into mine with his awesome cock. I was in a special zone as he plowed my field so to speak, but I loved every second of it. I guess he was just Dorm room sex stories enough he wasn't going to cum very soon because I came three time before Travis came once.

Finally the blast came and Travis grabbed my body, pulled me tight to his body,close to him as he sunk his awesome cock into my male orafice as far as he could sink it. I felt his cock start blowing out it payload, I almost went ballistic knowing I had finally gotten to feel Travis's climax inside my body, Damn was that ever a wonderful night.

The next morning Travis woke up laying next to me, naked of course as was I, He looked over and saw that he was in bed with me, 'I guess it finally happened didn't it? He looked over at me, 'well how was I? I looked over and said, 'Travis I would love to have you do it again, only next time when your not drinking.

He smiled and said, 'Well now that we have done it, and I know that I did, you can bank on it. Travis and I enjoyed each other the rest of that year, and kept it up the next two years too, I think he is not quite as straight8 as he thinks he is, Me I'm just a happy young college student name Kyle. : [ protected]. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. I have a deeper sounding voice not femish at all.

Dorm room sex stories

I was mesmerized by his gorgeous looks. We got naked in the mens locker room. I wonder if he had gotten wind of my being gay or something and this was a test. I almost ran from shower room, quickly drying off and dressing as Travis finished his shower. I felt like shit, 'Oh Jesus,' I thought now what am I gonna do.

It had been my fantasy for several months now. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

Dorm room sex stories

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