Dominated husband stories

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Click the picture above for more details. I was her houseboy-slave almost two years prior to her taking a lover. She took over my submissive fantasy, made it completely hers. She started checking out dominatrix websites too. After about six months she was a completely dominant woman, selfish and concerned with her sexual and domestic satisfaction. It was during what became real discipline, severe punishment sessions. She was taking complete control of me and her homeā€¦. She brings the thin black riding crop up between my legs, hits my balls and the crack of my rear at the same time.

My ankles are held apart by a two foot in length spreader bar, fastened at each end to leather ankle cuffs. My wrists are cuffed by leather cuffs to the same ring at my neck to the wall, pad locked. Take you down here, spank your ass, give you something to think about. You want to be my special little boy?

Until now, sissy. Get your dick hard by seeing me in a sexy outfit, all for your selfish jack-off fantasy. I tell you to fuck me. Do you!? She takes her hand off of Dominated husband stories, stands and whips me fifteen quick and hard strokes with her riding crop. I start to cry loud, get almost hysterical, feel welts rise on my rear, the backs of my legs. And then it stops. She drops the crop.

Walks to a chair next to me, sits. She looks down at me.

Dominated husband stories

You little shit. She rubs me gently. If I enter the house, see her dressed like this I go to the basement and wait for her, I strip and put my collar on, kneel. Today is different, never been whipped so severely before by her. Stroking me, like milking me from behind, she pulls at my penis, pumps it. Starts to pump faster, runs the head of it through her hand. She giggles like a little girl. She takes her hand off of me, roughly pushes me out of her hand. She puts her glove back on. Let you cum all over me after a few minutes of rubbing it around on me! Do you know how fucking lucky you are?

She stands and starts to whip my rear, outer thighs, up between my legs, very hard and very fast, all over. She watches as I squirm and jerk, try to avoid the blows. My cries and screams are heard only by her. We are in Dominated husband stories basement punishment room. She finishes, drops the crop onto the chair. Ignores my hysterics, my sobbing and begging, I am covered in welts and tears.

Some Mistresses, make their slaves do bathroom stuff. I treat you better than most. I answer her, through sobs. She laughs. I hope you appreciate the way I train you be a good husband. I hear her laugh hard.

Bad boy! I hear her go up the stairs and then she turns out the light. She ignores my sobbing, leaves me to cry in the total dark. An hour later I hear her come down the stairs.

Dominated husband stories

She turns on trhe light, my eyes react to the pain. She has on pretty white summer sandals. She is made up perfectly, showered, smooth and soft. Tears dried down the front of me, wet tears still on the floor. When I say all the housework, I mean all the fucking housework. When I say anything, I mean it, you listen. Leave your collar on, baby. She watches as I undo my restraints. She does no wait for me. I hurry to catch up to her. She watches my cheeks clench, burn to her touch, wince as I walk up the stairs.

I like that. That tells me you learned a lot today. She takes me to the front door and pushes me Dominated husband stories. There is a pair of pants, a pair of shoes and a shirt tossed in a pile next to the door. I kneel at the door, look down at them. You can put on those clothes, walk out that door and be a free man, free of the dominant bitch you created. Remember when you came to me, begged me to play your submissive little fantasy game?

Dominated husband stories

Remember, honey? I dare you. I want to be yours, want to be with you. I love you. I like this, I like you being my slave. You treat me the way I want to be treated, you be the best little husband you can be, and you can stay in MY house, service me.

But you will stay in MY house and be MY husband.

Dominated husband stories

She runs her hand across my hair, down the back my head. I think you masturbate too much, think you do that a too much. You need control. So you want to be a very good boy in all the other areas of my life. All areas, such as making the bed when I tell you to, doing the laundry when I tell you too. She raises her hand again and I cower. I hear her laugh.

Dominated husband stories

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