Diaper training story

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Someone said, "Motherhood is hard", but wait till you try to potty train your toddler; and that too for 7 months! We never actually tried or bothered to toilet-train or potty-train Kush until he turned 1. Because diapers were a lot more convenient specially when it came to frequent travelling. After he turned 1, my mother was visiting us once and said how I was both toilet and potty trained at this age and we should try the same with Kush. So she started taking him to the toilet every 30mins or so to make him understand that is where he should actually pee and not in the diaper or his pants.

It didn't take too long for him to understand and a couple of months with the same practice, Kush would ask us to take him to the toilet and gradually started going on his own whenever he needed to. Well, that was much easier than we anticipated. But potty training was a different story though. Kush started his Diaper training story after he turned 2. And since he was not potty trained they preferred to keep him in diaper throughout. That became a problem because we stopped using diapers long back and he would only ask for a diaper when he needed to go potty.

So being in a diaper for about hours made it really uncomfortable for him and he even started developing rashes in his private areas. That's when we decided it's time for his potty training.

Diaper training story

I read several articles about how to potty train in 3 days or 10 days and all claimed to be foolproof. So, armed with potty training knowledge from different sources who claimed to be experts I started the task with a belief that it would be a cakewalk.

My first mistake, never underestimates the perseverance of a toddler who doesn't want to do that specific task. We bought a very nice and colorful potty seat and on the very first day Kush refused outright to even touch the seat, let alone sit on it. But we were hopeful, after all it's a day guide. To our utter dismay, 10 days passed away and we couldn't even bring Kush anywhere near the vicinity of potty seat.

Then it was time to seek advises from Diaper training story on social media platforms. But nothing worked even after a couple of months and panic started setting in.

Diaper training story

By this time, mostly all kids we knew in his age group were potty trained and we started receiving judgemental remarks as to how we should have started earlier and how difficult it gets once a kid turns 2 years etc, So when none of the experts advises worked, I decided to take this as a challenge. By this time, already 4 months were over since we started our potty training effort with zero.

Every time Kush asked for diaper I would tell him how all his friends have grown up and use potty seat now, I found a song in youtube for kids called "Potty song" which I used to show him sometimes and then there were days in between where I would simply stop pestering him about toilet seat at all.

Diaper training story

By 5th month, he started seating on the potty seat with his pants or diaper on for few seconds. To me, that was progress. Then one day a relative visited who was kind enough to let Kush see her son doing potty as an attempt to encourage him. That really let Kush take the matter seriously. He began asking me that does all his friends use the potty seat and does all the mama-dadas also use the potty seat.

But even then he would need diapers. After about 6 months, I started growing frustrated and decided to let him cry and not give him a diaper at all. I underestimated my toddler once more.

Diaper training story

He would hold back his potty, even for days, unless a diaper was given. And after few such instances, I was forced to give up this trick too. I was really down and feeling defeated even though this didn't seem a big deal to my husband. He maintained his stance that "One day Kush will definitely learn on his own". So that day, after I had put on his diaper with a sad face and told him that how disappointed he made me because he didn't even make an effort, I don't know what my 2.

Diaper training story

So when he asked for a diaper in the evening and I reminded him of his promise, he reluctantly agreed to sit on that potty seat. After a few minutes of trying and getting down and repeating the same process, he couldn't hold back any longer and slosh came the sound when Diaper training story poop fell in the pot.

Now I don't mean to sound tacky but I cannot express the joy I felt. That sound seemed to be the most melodious sound ever. After 7 months of trying finally my son did it! We clapped and cheered him and he seemed convinced that he did a wonderful job indeed.

But well, we didn't start counting our chickens before they hatched. One day was good but still not a victory. Fortunately, he sat on the potty seat the next day and then the day after and so on. It has been about a month and Kush didn't ask for a diaper. One hurdle down in this motherhood journey. So what did I learn? Patience is the key. No two babies are alike and the 3 day or 10 day guide which worked for one baby might not work for the other. I don't know if potty training before turned 1 is more effective as many suggested but given a choice I wouldn't have tried anyway.

I tried a lot of means as others suggested like showing videos, not giving diaper at all but I think what clicked, in this case, was the practical demonstration that got him into thinking. But for others, it might be some other factor.

Diaper training story

So, it is very important to give that time and space to kids and not rush them and more importantly, parents should also be given that time and not judgmental remarks. But well, I'm a happy and relieved mom now whose son is potty trained and I'm just basking in this glory for time being. Who knows what hurdle awaits next. Author's Note: Do share your potty training story too and help others. If you like my blog don't forget to like and share. You can also follow me to know when I post next. Share Article. The Potty Story. Oct 18, Sananda Kar. Posts Views. Trending Feed.

Diaper training story

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