Dad and son fuck mom story

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Did he mean talk to her or something different? I laid on my bed thinking. I had moved out after high school and got this Apartment and a few months later I lost my job. Often I would go home and eat with her while he was on the road but I never thought about fucking my own Mom. Dad must think there is trouble coming down the road for him to ask me for help. Would it really help him if I went and fucked her or would it cause trouble for us later? Would she accept it if I tried?

Dad and son fuck mom story

Some people think incest is Taboo but to me it seems like a natural thing to do. Tonight I was horny too and I knew Mom would be a good fuck! I was almost 20 years old and she was 18 years older. As they say, she was built like a brick shit house with all bricks in place.

I looked at my watch and it was pm so I called and invited myself to dinner. Mom was sitting on the couch when I walked in and she looked like she had been crying. Her eyes were darting all around the room as I slowly unbuttoned them one by one. I french kissed her as we slowly slid down on the couch. As I tugged at her shorts to get them off she raised her cute bubble butt to help.

My fingers found her tight little hole I had come out of and when I slid them inside of her I knew she was lusting for me. She gasped as my big cock entered her for the first time as she pushed back at me. She really knew how to move her ass and fuck back. She was much better than Lori ever was. I fucked her hard and deep slapping her ass often until she had orgasm after orgasm.

I released my hot load deep inside of her hot wet cunt. In fact, I was on Birth Control Pills the first time we fucked then your Dad told me to stop using them and see if I could get pregnant. I remember once he face fucked me and I thought he was killing me. We had been at it for over 3 hours so Mom ordered in Pizza.

Dad and son fuck mom story

Relaxing and watching her was delightful as we ate. Shortly afterward Dad called and mom took the phone to her bedroom to talk, After a while she returned smiling. We had great phone sex for 15 or 20 minutes while we talked about it. When I told him you cum in me he went wild with a great orgasm of his own. We spent the night together in their bed fucking most of it. Dad called the night before he came home and we talked about an hour. Most of it was about Mom and how highly sexed she is.

Dad treats her like his Whore and she does everything too. She is Submissive and always horny. She liked fucking the black guy that moved away, she is begging Dad to find her another Black one. He said he knows how hot she will be so he will have her call and invite me over tomorrow night. When she called the next day I was gone so she invited me by voice mail.

Dad and son fuck mom story

I arrived at the same time Dad got there. Mom was dressed in a new light Summer dress without a Bra and 2 inch Heels. Her tits looked so inviting as they had elastic under them pushing them out. Mom and Dad lightly embraced and kissed before she turned to me. Then she kissed me and slipped me some tongue as she pressed her sexy body to mine. Rubbing around my half hard cock with her wanton Cunt. I got harder and harder for her. I ran my hands over her nice ass then moved them under her dress so Dad could see me playing with her Ass Cheeks. Pushing on the top of her head she dropped to her knees unbuckling my pants.

Taking part of my 9 inches between her beautiful lips and her eyes met mine. Grabbing a handful of hair I pushed my cock deep into her trout. After facefucking her a few minutes I stripped her naked then I led her to her bed. Dad sitting on the edge of the bed to watch while I fucked Mother. Mom was on her knees with her ass in the air and her shoulders resting on the bed.

This exposed both of her holes to me. Laying my cock in her crack I Dad and son fuck mom story around between them. For the next half hour, I went from hole to hole fucking her. Dad was jerking off his little cock and now I knew why Mom is always horny for a good cock.

D is only 3,4, or 5 inches at the most. I wonder how Mom could feel it. Rolling Mom over I got between her legs and went deep into her wanton Cunt. All night Mom had many mini orgasms while I ravished her sexy body but I was hoping to give her the big one. I was also building up for a big one. I would stay inside of her until the last second then pull out and shoot all ober her sexy body. I released my hot load. Dad slapped my ass cheek so I moved off of Mom and his face replaced my cock licking her clean.

Last Updated on 3 years by pseudonymous. First date with my mom Mom was sitting on the couch when I walked in and she looked like she had been crying. He trains my hotwife to suck cock.

Dad and son fuck mom story

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Mom Takes on Dad and Son In The Farm