Cunt spanking stories

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Find this and my other stories at www. Being unsuccessful in this pursuit, Marie ultimately consents to being taught a lesson about taking on Maestro at his most lustful. They have just returned home…. He eased the car into the narrow parking stall. I slid off the seat, reached for the door and tried to cover my engorged pink clit and pussy lips with my little thong.

Cunt spanking stories

Are you going to clean that up? Get on your knees, NOW! Right here, even with all the security cameras. My nasty, horny fuck toy … your lessons are just starting. He tapped the riding crop menacingly across his palm, his unmistakable massive cock filling his tight camouflage pants as he turned toward me. I quivered, knowing the beating he would deliver upon my ass if I disobeyed. I turned to shut the passenger side door, but in an instant, Maestro was behind me.

Not fast enough.

Cunt spanking stories

Now bend over and let me see your ass! I stumbled forward as Maestro released my collar. I leaned against the car and spread my legs wide apart, revealing my ass to him. I want you to put your face on the seat. I want you to see the mess you made when I spank you! My ass was now sticking up high in the air as I gripped onto the car seat.

Cunt spanking stories

The little puddle of creamy white cum I left on the seat was only inches from my face. The sound of the riding crop hitting my tender right ass cheek echoed through the concrete parking garage. He was unconcerned that someone from our complex might see my punishment. Three more quick blows on the left cheek. A car idled as it waited for the gate to close, then approached us. Maestro struck three more blows on my right cheek in quick succession. Both cheeks stung from his slaps. Warm, delicious stings. I trembled, daring him to continue my punishment as I pushed my ass higher.

The pain from the riding crop spanking turned from the familiar sharp stinging sensation to a warmth that spread across my ass, bringing with it waves of pleasure. Not all of the flogging tools Maestro uses on me give me the same pleasure, but at the moment I love the riding crop more than the whip or ping pong paddle.

The sting upon impact is sharp, and almost makes me yelp in pain, but the ensuing sensations are almost beyond words. Even from a writer! Maestro says nothing makes my pussy get wetter faster — almost more than his fingers, tongue or cock.

I feel pleasure through my body like waves at high tide. Let me lick it up, baby. But did I say your punishment is complete? Did I? Oh no baby, your ass is MINE! The riding crop bit against the soft flesh close to my pussy. I turned my head slightly, anxious to see if the approaching car had turned down our aisle.

In that instant, I heard Maestro unzip his military pants and press his massive cock against my red and tender ass. He teased my pussy on top of my little black thong with the head of his cock, nudging it in my dripping pussy just an inch, then rubbing it around in large circles to stimulate my clit. He ripped it aside, exposing my pink swollen lips. In an instant, he forced all 8 inches inside my pussy, pushing me Cunt spanking stories until my head almost knocked the parking brake. Silent, wordlessly, Maestro tore into my pussy with all his strength.

With one hand bracing himself on the roof of the car and the other rimming my asshole, he taught me a lesson in obedience. The car rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. His cock rammed my juicy Cunt spanking stories up to my cervix, battering me into submission. I bit my lip, trying not to make a sound or arouse any attention. I saw a set of headlights reflected against the car before I heard the engine creep closer. Please baby … oooohhhh fuck fuck fuck! Just one, just an inch. Oh he knows how to make me cum fast.

More Maestro, more baby, oh fuck I want more. All I cared about was my impending orgasm. Are you ready? Ohhhhh take it Marie! Take it now! The car slowed down as it passed us. I looked up to see the driver turn and stare. He could see Maestro bracing himself on the roof of the car. If he looked closely through the driver-side window, he could see my face and ass in the air.

He pulled into a spot almost directly across from us. In order to get to the elevator, he would have a direct view of us fucking. Maestro slipped another finger into my ass, then another. His three fingers pushed hard, those long fingers invading me, stretching me, and owning me.

Cunt spanking stories

More baby, please fuck me just a bit more! A door opened and closed. Footsteps echoed toward us, closer and closer.

Cunt spanking stories

I want you to put on a show now. Can you do that, Marie? You cum when I want you to! Now … NOW! Any concern over getting caught extended the waves. I pressed my face into the car seat, leather and cum filling my nostrils.

Cunt spanking stories

Sorry man. He saw your bare ass. Your red and bruised ass getting fucked, baby. My body exhaled and excreted evidence from our public fucking — sweat pouring from my face and down my neck, our cum dripping from my pussy and down my legs. Just my ass? You do, Maestro. I shuffled forward slightly so my face was over my creamy puddle of cum. I let the cum sit on my tongue for a moment, before lapping up more noisily. I licked my lips, raising my head slightly so Maestro could see my obedience, my dedication to submit to any punishment he could offer.

He curled his fingers through the back of my hair, pulling my head back at an angle to look directly into my eyes.

Cunt spanking stories Cunt spanking stories

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