Cuckold son stories

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By MomsboyAugust 6, in Cuckold Stories. Hot, sunny day and crystal clear sea infront of a beautiful sandy beach. A perfect, relaxing vacation for me and my mum. We were lying on the beach, just resting. Mom was almost asleep, and I was a bit bored, playing with my phone. I scrolled some messages, and came to a conversation with my best friend.

I smiled as I read how he was trying to convince me few days ago that ''my sexy mum surely isn't alone, and that she has to date someone'' and even nastier, that ''she isn't telling me ofcourse, but surely some guy is plowing her twat every day, she's too hot to be left alone like this, it would be a shame. She really is still a babe, that can easily compete with girls half her age. Her fit figure and almost flat belly, with just little extra fat here or there doesn't reveal her 38 years of age in any way.

I kept analyzing her like a woman for the first time, her legs and butt was just as fit too, with little cellulite here or there, that she got after she gave birth to me, her breasts are still looking good, they just have few stretchmarks from containing milk and breastfeeding ofcourse - and those things are just the ones that make moms Cuckold son stories sexier for some.

I started to feel almost proud, that I have such a good looking mom.

Cuckold son stories

It crossed my mind how my friends would kill for being here with us now, to have my mum on display like that. Should I take a photo and send it to them? Nah, no way! My teenage dreaming was interrupted by my mom's moan: ''Uhh.

Mm, honey? God, I almost fell asleep here already. Could you please put some sun cream on my back for me? I rubbed all her back slowly with that moisty sun cream on my hands, and started to wonder again.

How many men that I know, would like to touch her, caress her like that okay, and ofcourse much more. Not just my friends, but other, older guys, too ofcourse. I heard so many comments on her, more than i can count, so surely, a lot of them. And a lot of them tried, too, but noone succeeded. My mom is single, and she didn't wanted to let anyone near. I thought about my friend's words, that it would be a shame for a woman like that to live without having fun. Well, I had Cuckold son stories admit, that he was right.

Surely, she has her needs too. When we talk about that, she always says she isn't ready for a relationship yet, and that's all.

Cuckold son stories

I know that she's worried about what would I think about her, if she would go out with guys also. But wait. Why she couldn't just have some fun. Like a teen, maybe something without string attached. She's single and hot, I'm not an obstacle. Why not? Could I handle looking at her with a man, though? It's one thing in my mind, but another in reality. I mean, we were living alone since ever, and we're more like friends than a mom and son, we trust each other, and can discuss everything I know every inch of her lovely body, also, her smell, those little details about what she likes or hates.

Cuckold son stories

Those things are only known to me. That made me feel privileged, despite I'm her son - I'm still the only man alive, despite how many tried, that saw this sexy woman naked and touched her skin in the last 17 years!

Cuckold son stories

These thoughts almost made me burst in laugh actually, but I was getting amused by my thinking also. Well, what else could you expect from an 18 year-old teen.

Cuckold son stories

Is it right, man I shouldn't be thinking like this! But, still Could I? I'm done. I noticed some guys checking you out, and as soon as I looked towards them, they all stopped looking instantly. They probably think i'm your boyfriend, not your son! I don't think they were checking an old lady out, they probably looked at that girl there'', she meant a girl, years old, that was suntanning topless few meters away. Now, look at her. She's atleast 10 years younger than you and probably didn't breastfeeded yet.

And you still have better looking breasts than her.

Cuckold son stories

And by the way, I think beach is empty enough for you to suntann topless as well, you mentioned you'd liked to. Though, I really wasn't dirty minded, I just remembered she likes to do it. If they were really checking me out, you'll be ashamed of your ''girlfriend'', when they see my breasts, all affected by gravity, then they'll surely rather start looking at that girl there. I rolled my eyes and went to get us some drinks. When I returned, I found mum topless finally. I sat down next to her, gave her drinks, she thanked me, and we were quiet, just enjoying ourselves.

Cuckold son stories

Do you really mean what you said before? You do look way better, I mean, just look at yourself. Even my friends check you out! I mean, you wouldn't need to get involved too much, just for fun. You're single, good looking, and I'm just okay with it! Just imagine looking at me, being wrapped around a man who just has fun with me, he wouldn't be your stepfather. You'd be disgusted! Trust me! I'm aware that she has to have some needs also, everyone has them.

She has such a flirty personality, good looks, and all and I was sure, that if she'll keep her promise, it won't be long until I won't be the only guy to see her naked anymore. I couldn't be more right. We always went on Cuckold son stories to the same place, a nice, cozy apartment not far away from beach. In this time we got familiar with the owner, around 50 years old man, who lived alone after his wife died in the building next to this apartment. The man was always cheerful and very nice, so we were both comfortable around him. He often took us for a ride with his boat either.

That day, we went from the beach at evening, and he just arrived with his boat. He invited us for a drink, and there, he asked if we'd like to him tomorrow. He planned a trip by the coasts nearby. Me Cuckold son stories mum got up early in the morning, made some coffee, and soon Carl, the owner, showed up. We really enjoyed ourselves, laughed a lot.

The man was experienced, and had a lot to tell about his life, so it was interesting to listen to his stories. That's where I got an idea. Probably he knows how to ''take care'' of a woman. Could he ''start my mum up'' again? We anchored near a beach, and swimmed to a beach bar there, to take a short break. After some time, my mum stood up and went to the toilets. She was sitting next to me, and went back, and I noticed Carl starring at Cuckold son stories butt as she went. I took advantage of it, and smiled, '' What are you looking at?

I'm so sorry,'' he was embarrased, and started smiling, ''. But you can't blame me, your mum probably can make anyone go crazy. You must watch out for her, she's really a good woman. You're very lucky. So, I won't mind even if you try to have some fun with her.

Really, I know you like her, and I'm sure you're a decent man, so. Well, be my guest! I appreciate this so much, but I don't know. I'd really feel uncomfortable I think, it just isn't fair for you. We went to a beautiful beach in a secluded place, we were alone there. We were lying on the beach, suntanning again, and Carl went swimming after some time. I can't infront of him, I already let him go too far! He was trying to flirt with her before, but not infront of me, though he grabs every chance to sit very near to her and to touch her.

Mum, be a good girl and let him atleast enjoy the view! Carl came back to the beach, and said he remembered that we forgot to take any drinks with us. I offered to take the boat and go to the bar to buy some. He ofcourse said yes, and I stood up, got ready and went, and as I passed him, I blinked him - he was still embarrased, but smiled and blinked back. My mind was racing as I sailed towards the bar.

Cuckold son stories

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