Cuckold foot slave stories

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Cuckold foot slave stories

A is very extensive and vast knowledgeable platform has been given by this blog. : caterpillar used wheel excavator. Reviews of the Top 6 Cuckold Dating Sites. My wife Lori now thirtyfive has been my wife for ten years, and I love her dearly or perhaps I should say I worship her. For over eight years we had a fairly normal marriage but then she discovered my secret life that I had managed to keep hidden from her. I was a closet submissive, I had a craving to be humiliated, degraded and dominated and I would occasionally pay a professional dominatrix to fulfill my fantasies.

When Lori discovered this she went ballistic threatening to divorce me and leave me penniless. She regarded me with nothing but contempt now as she told me what it was going to take to save our marriage, it seemed rather one sided but I agreed to everything to keep her. Her first demand was that I over all our tly owned possessions to her solely, this included our home, our cars and my business. I would continue to run the business but it would basically be as her employee.

Rule three was that I was never to question her whereabouts or when she came home. When I agreed to all her demands without question I think I surprised her, although a slight grin came to her face a few moments later and after she allowed me a short hug she began walking from the kitchen where she had been sitting she paused and turned back to look at me standing there with a big happy grin and said. A few months later I found myself on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen tiles on a Saturday night.

She was barefoot and her feet were very sandy, she had obviously been walking on the beach and I could also tell she was a bit tipsy. She continued to the kitchen table where she took a seat not caring at all that with every step she took she left a sandy footprint behind on the freshly waxed floor. I just looked at her from my knees next to my scrub bucket and floor polish, she was just so beautiful I couldn't even be angry with her for ruining my hard work.

I rushed to get a warm wet wash cloth and a soft fluffy towel and returned just as quickly to kneel before my sexy wife. She let out another soft giggle amused at how attentive I became when she tempted me with sexual relief. I gently reached forward and began to lovingly clean the sand from her beautiful soft soles and sexy finely pedicured toes. She allowed me to continue to caress her foot for several minutes even after it was washed and dried before snatching it from my hands and replacing it with her other sandy foot which I cleaned just as gently as the first.

There was no lingering this time as I finished the cleaning she stood up rubbing the top of my head with her hand as I remained kneeling before her. Another little giggle and she turned and walked out of the room giggling as she walked. I handed the strappy sandals to her and she inspected my work with a smile.

I just nodded that I would and then put her sandals away. For over an hour Lori kept my servile tongue busy switching from ass to pussy and bringing her to mltiple orgasams. I knew and she knew Cuckold foot slave stories knew that when my tongue entered her moist pussy that it was not her juices alone that I was swallowing. It was not the first time I had tasted someone else's fluids mixed with my wifes and like I had done before my head pulled away upon the taste but also like before Lori giggled and with a firm grip on my Cuckold foot slave stories forced my head back down.

Lori was finding my lack of rebellion to any of her demands to be very enjoyable. As the weeks went on she became more dominant with me and began to explore the freedoms she had more intently. Since she controlled my income she began to freely spluge upon herself while I was being given smaller allowances.

She spent the days shopping, playing tennis or on the beach or at the spa and most nights she was either out with friends or on a date. Even though Cuckold foot slave stories was in title my company's president she let me run the business and the crew of six immigrants I had working for me. Business was good and all day I would bust my tale only to come home most times to an empty house to spend another several hours doing housework, laundry and any other chores she may have left written on my to do chalk board.

I no longer slept in my wifes bedroom, I had been moved to one of the guest rooms and only visited her room to clean or provide her some sexual pleasure with my tongue, at times it was very overwhelming but for some reason I was more in love with Lori now more than ever.

Cuckold foot slave stories

About a month later another degrading change was made in my life. It was late in the afternoon and I was in my small office at the garage where I kept my lawn care equipment filling out the schedule for the next day's work like I did every evening before going home.

Cuckold foot slave stories

I was quite surprised to see my wife enter as she rarely visited the shop. She was not alone as a young handsome dark haired guy no more than twentyfive walked in with her, their arms were wrapped around each other's waists. Without any words her and the young guy moved behind my desk and with only a gesture from her I got out of my chair which she then offered to the young guy she was with and then she stood behind the chair as I now stood before them.

I was floored and speechless and uncomfortable as the two of them were lip locked for a good thirty seconds. Two more weeks passed since I was given the life changing news. Josh, or as I was to address him Sir, assumed his role very quickly. He had no problem barking out his orders to me even though I was almost twice his age. What made even less sense was that he was fixing up the shop office even though Cuckold foot slave stories said he would be mostly working out of his home office which just happened to be the guest room that used to be my bedroom.

This is how I ended up on a cot in the garage, Josh felt I needed to toughen up and live like the other laborers probably did since I might soon be doing the same work, of course Lori agreed. Another month passed and as much as I hated to admit it Lori had been right, Josh had taken a prosperous business and had made it very prosperous. He did this by ing contracts with large office complexes and malls where I had basically only targeted residences and small business parks. The increased workload meant another demotion for me as Josh hired a buddy of his Kevin to be the new supervisor and along with him came his foxy but bitchy twenty year old girlfriend Jen who was to be the office manager.

Four more minimum wage laborers were also hired and that was what I was now also.

Cuckold foot slave stories

Josh had also purchased the garage I had been renting along with three additional attached units to house the additional equipment we needed. I had been picking up and cleaning for over an hour all the while listening to the grunts, screams and moans emerging from the master bedroom as my wife and her lover, my boss had one of their almost nightly fuckfests. The laundry was done, my cleaning was done and it looked like I might be in my cot by eleven. I was just about to the garage door. Get your ass in here! I turned and headed towards their bedroom none to slowly as their was a heavy price to pay for not responding to their needs promptly.

The bedroom door was wide open as usual, they enjoyed making sure I could hear the sounds of their lovemaking. The smell of sex embodied the room, Josh had his head propped up on a pillow his hand behind his head showing his impressive bicep muscle, that superior smirk on his face and only his midsection covered by the silk sheet.

My wife looking as beautiful as ever even with her hair a mess laid her head on his strong chest wearing a similar smirk on her face. She was covered by the silk sheet except for a small glimpse of one firm breast and one silky smooth leg and beautiful soft foot. God I still loved her but with each passing day she seemed to enjoy taking bits and pieces of what little dignity I had left. Ordinarily I would be ecstatic at such an opportunity but I knew she was ordering it just to demean me a bit more and it gave me no thrill to service her this way in the presence of her young handsome lover.

It was then off to the kitchen to prepare the pompous asshole his sandwich. It was easier Cuckold foot slave stories talk to myself in an angry manner then to do anything about it as I toasted his French roll just like he likes it and then layered on the twelve dollars a pound imported rare roast beef that I had to visit a special deli store clear across town just to purchase each week.

Within Cuckold foot slave stories minutes still angry I walked back to their room with a perfectly arranged tray filled with the perfectly made sandwich an imported beer in an ice chilled mug and a tall glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice that my wife loves so much.

Cuckold foot slave stories

The lovestruck couple still rested in each other's arms and I waited for them to prop themselves up on their fluffy pillows before setting the tray on the bed. Some poverty, I had bought this house and she certainly never went hungry but I had to admit as much as it hurt since Josh took over my former business the profits increased four fold.

Without even responding I knelt at the foot of their big comfortable bed and alternated between their feet giving them foot massages while they finished their snack for the next twenty minutes. I then took the empty tray back to the kitchen and went to bed at almost midnight. They had made it my job to arrive at the shop before everyone else with donuts and pastries.

I then had to clean the office and scrub the toilets in the private bath and the employee bathroom. Shortly before everyone else started arriving at 7AM, I arrive at six, I start the coffee and lay out the pastries. Cuckold foot slave stories became a job of mine a few weeks ago after one morning when the young couple arrived after it had rained heavily the prior night. Jen had stepped out of the passenger side of the truck and into a muddy puddle she had not noticed.

Cuckold foot slave stories

The young vixen was furious and for some reason she felt I was to blame. After giving me a good ten minute tongue lashing for not filling in all the holes in the parking lot during which I cringed before her silently, the pretty little bitch then ordered me to clean her shoes. What made it even more humiliating was the other workers began arriving and they were getting a good laugh out of seeing their former boss degraded in such a manner. Needless to say I tried to make sure all the holes were now promptly filled after rain storms. Even before Kevin put the truck in park I was laying in the dirt next to the passenger side door.

The door opened and I cringed as I felt a spiked heel pushing into my lower back, damn I thought, Jen rarely wore heels to work, then it occurred to me, Josh and Lori were coming today to take Kevin and Jen to lunch. The second heel landed and she paused on my back for a few moments before stepping off bringing her thin spike from her stiletto dangerously close to my face.

Keeping the lot cean was part of my daily duties so it was already pretty clean but I went and got a broom anyways and began sweeping the paved portion Cuckold foot slave stories the lot. Tom and Rob barely graduated high school and if it weren't for Kevin they would probably be unemployed but here they were making thirtyfive grand a year as supervisors. They were the next to arrive on their motorcycles as I was still sweeping, upon seeing me in the parking the two young punks peeled into the lot and my instant reaction was to jump out of their way which was the spectacle they were looking for leaving them laughing as they parked their bikes.

Cuckold foot slave stories

Cuckold foot slave stories then kicked my broom from my hands and when I reached down to pick it up he stomped his foot down on the handle causing me to fall to the ground before them. I was almost in tears as I reached in my back pocket and pulled out the rag I always carry and began to wipe the top of his boot. By the time I walked back into the office the crews had their asments and were getting ready to leave, I was wondering which punk supervisor I was going to get today when Kevin informed me I was going to be cleaning the shop today and I was to report to Jen for my instructions.

Jen was seated at her desk confirming the last of the days appointments. I waited patiently for her to complete her call which I soon found out was the wrong thing to do. As soon as she hung up she shot me a angry glare. I then went right to work cleaning, this was not uncommon as I had been kept in the office several other times to clean it, as low man on the totem pole I always got the crap jobs. I first picked up the box of donuts I had laid out earlier, nothing but crumbs big surprize, for weeks I had been bringing donuts and only three times had I gotten one and twice it was because of Rob and Tom tormenting me.

The first time Tom had accidentally dropped a donut on the floor but then he decided to turn the accident into a humiliating experience for me by ordering me to pick it up off the floor and eat it. A few days later Rob dropped a donut to the shop floor, not by accident this time and again I was ordered to eat it but this time he and Tom decided to step on it first. Everyone including the Mexicans found this to be hilarious especially when Jen sat down on my back forcing to eat from the floor while on my hands and knees.

Cuckold foot slave stories

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