Cigar sex stories

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Cigar sex stories

Hi, I thought id share my experiences with the sexy little slut who lives next door. Her name is Jenny. Just the sight of a pretty girl lighting up and blowing clouds of creamy white smoke through a luscious pair of lips was enough to get me hard not to mention the thought of her sucking my cock with a mouth full of hot smoke.

Jenny nearly always had a post dinner cigarette at around I cursed my luck on the way up the path to my front door as I Cigar sex stories jenny was early tonight and was talking to her older sister. She waved and smiled as noticed me pass, big sis was obviously just dropping her off as the appeared to be saying goodbye and Jenny was still dressed in her school uniform a wine blazer and white blouse with a tartan pleated skirt that was usually hitched up well above her knee which she was usually changed out of by the time I got home.

I opened my door and quickly shut it behind me as I went up stairs to the office room. As I looked out the window I could still see Jenny as she moved from her front yard to the side of her house and her sister driving off beeping her horn as she did. I knew what was coming next! Reaching into her blazer pocket as she stopped right under my window she pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter and I reached for my zip and some Kleenex from my desk drawer this was quite a habit for me.

I watched transfixed as she drew a cigarette from her pack and placed it between her sweet cherry lips and raised her lighter to hit. I slowly rubbed my already full erection as she took her 1st Cigar sex stories drag.

Cigar sex stories

She tilted her head back as she leant against the red brick wall and slowly exhaled. I nearly came right then as my rubbing had become so quick unknown to me and I decided reluctantly stop and enjoy the show for a while. I figured she was pretty new to smoking she sometimes practiced away from friends in what she thought was privacy tricks like her snaps and French inhales which I just adored. After a couple more drags what happened next took me by complete and total shock. I was frozen with a combination of absolute horror and pure shame that wilted my erection instantly.

But to my sincere amazement and astoundment she coolly dragged on her cigarette and tilted her head back to exhale as if right up at me. She held the cigarette in her lips loosely letting it dangle and opened her blazer. Smoke seeping slowly from her slightly open mouth as she raised her hands to her pert young breasts rubbing them through her blouse, still looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and occasionally Cigar sex stories on the cig still between her lips and exhaling slowly through Cigar sex stories nose.

The little prick tease was putting on a show for me!!! I started to pump my once again rigid cock with her nodding and smiling her approval through a cloud of creamy smoke. I erupted onto the glass as she took the final puff of her smoke and raising her hand blew me a kiss exhaling over it as she did. The little tart blew me a smoky kiss!. As she left and went inside I was still in a state of shock over what had just taken place. I needed a shower to cool of and compose myself, how could I look her or her family in the eye again.

Well I nearly dropped dead on the spot when I did, there stood Jenny in her school uniform smoking a cigarette!. I offered her a coffee as she extinguished her cigarette in ashtray by the phone and sat down on the arm of the chair. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me cheekily.

Cigar sex stories

Still in shock I did so quickly ands she shocked me even more my sitting her little bum down on my lap. As the conversation with her sister went on and changed to relate the tale of her awful day she fished in her pocket and pulled out a cigarette box and lighter.

Giving them to me made a for me to get her 1. She returned her gaze to the porno on TV and continued to speak to her sister opening her mouth and clamping her lips around the cigarette I place between them. She held my shaking wrist and sucked a lung full of smoke as I raised the lighter to the cigarette. Sitting on my lap im sure she felt my cock twitch as she slowly exhaled right in my face.

Cigar sex stories

I grabbed the bottle of whiskey off the near by shelf and took several large gulps straight from the bottle. Dutch courage I guess!. Turning my attention away from the porno on the TV a thought hit me. Money well spent if she smoked one. I placed the wooden box open on my desk in the office room. As I sat in the chair I really thought all my birthdays and Christmases had come at once.

My balls ached as I reclined in my seat. Jenny suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Cigar sex stories

She was dressed in a tight black basque with a pair of black seamed stockings clipped to the suspenders and a hot pair of sling back kitten heals all from the top drawer in the box room, my ex-wifes stuff. The thong was her own, which barely covered her pussy and I could tell it was totally shaved. She approached the desk and plucked a cigar from the open box.

I held up the lighter as she placed the big cigar in her slick red glossed lips, twisting it as she sucked long and hard on it, her cheeks sinking and smoke pouring from her nostrils, finally she snapped her mouth open and let smoke slowly seep out before slowly French inhaling it. As I was seated still she had to bend over to meet the lighter in my Cigar sex stories and I was treated to a delicious view of her perfect little ass with the thong wedged in the tight crack, her suspenders stretching over her rear as she did.

Needless to say my zip was also stretching. I drew my hands Cigar sex stories her legs feeling her stocking tops and suspenders and up to her ass, she smoked and blew some smoke rings. She placed the cigar between her teeth freeing her hands which where now needed to unzip me as I reclined in my chair and she sunk to her knees. Dragging heavily on the cigar in her mouth and exhaling through her nose. Her head was soon expertly bobbing in my lap with my hand wrapped in her blonde hair and Cigar sex stories hot mouth slobbering on my twitching tool, my eyes rolled back in pleasure and delight as every now and again id pull her head up to allow her a fresh mouthful of hot smoke which felt divine on my cock as I forced her quickly back on to it.

Soon I had stood up and was roughly fucking her face my hands on the back of her blonde head with my smoking teen slut her moaning her approval. I really need to slow down so I pulled my cock from her mouth sick from her saliva and rubbed the end over her face and lips as she blew smoke on it and flicked her tongue over my cum hole. I soon pulled her to her feet and while she gave me some long smokey kisses and wanked my cock with the hand she also held the cigar in the heat was sensational I reached out and pulled the straps of the basque over her shoulders and drew down over her smooth skin to the waist.

In turn I pinched each of her erect nipples with her moaning as she then pulled my hand to her pussy and I finally felt how wet the horney little fox was. I slipped her thong aside and fingered her hot shaved fuck hole and she eagerly fucked my hand. After gripping the cigar in her teeth again she undressed me occasionally blowing smoke in my face and moaning as I continued to finger her soaking pussy. So I did so and with the cigar still between her teeth she began to unclip her suspenders and in turn slowly remove her basque from her waist bending slightly to pluck the thong from her tight ass crack and draw it slowly down her stocking covered legs.

I marvelled at her beauty and ripe young tits. My cocks dream cum true. I opened the desk drawer and took out a condom as she approached but before I could unwrap it she took it from me and threw it on the desk. My hands found her ass, pulling her fully on to me, moaning as she gave me her sexiest smokey kiss yet, and making my dick throb in the process.

Cigar sex stories

As she picked up pace and really began to ride me her hands moved to her tits and pinched and twisted her cherry sized nipples, her pussy making me slick with her juice Cigar sex stories my cock to glide easily into her as I bounced her on my lap. I stood up lifting her petite body with me and lay her back over the desk. Gripping her stocking covered thighs pulled her back on to my cock and in one hard thrust began to mercilessly pound her tight little cunt, her head over the edge of the desk and her legs over my shoulders she wailed with pleasure.

Jenny had now found her cigar again and was blowing smoke up at my and French inhaling for my enjoyment as I hammered on her cunt. This only served for me to fuck her even more relentlessly and she even grimaced slightly in pain, but as that subsided she soon began to spasm on the end of my stabbing dick as the walls of her cunt contracted around me, her screaming wildly in orgasm, I very quickly pulled out of her and dragged her from the desk to the floor where she knelt open mouthed licking her glossed lips and puffing the cigar blowing a constant stream of hot smoke as I furiously jacked off my throbbing dick.

I exploded as she looked up a me with her angelic blue eyes, jet upon jet of hot sticky plastering her face and lips. Still looking up at me she took a deep drag on the cigar and lowered her mouth over my tool. The felling of her wet mouth and hot smoke was fantastic on my still spunking tool and she squeezed my balls to drain what was left in them into her mouth.

She pulled her head off my meat and snapped open her mouth cum spilling out Cigar sex stories her lips and smoke slowly seeping out also. Truly one of the hottest things ive seen in my some 41 years. I wasted no time following the 18 year old tart, even tough I had all night with her. My fun was only beginning!

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Cigar sex stories

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