Chloe moretz sex stories

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They are pure fantasy and nothing more. Chloe was alone in the house, the kids were in bed as she settled down to watch a movie. Pearl Harbor? Tool long. The English Patient. Total snoozefest. Chloe decided to watch Beetlejuice as it was not too long and good fun. Curiosity getting the better of her, she put the DVD in the lounge room entertainment center. Chloe was surprised and watched a little, then as she was about to turn it off, the camera pulled back and she could see the face of the man.

It was…. The guy who employed her to babysit every other Saturday night? She may have been a bitch, but she had some fantastic gravity defying tits on her thought Chloe, especially for a forty plus married woman. Chloe was really turned on watching the dirty home movie and had started stroking herself semi-consciously. Mr and Mrs Johnson were a very attractive couple. Chloe enjoyed flirting with Mr Johnson, especially in front of Mrs J as she knew it drove her crazy seeing her husband getting Chloe moretz sex stories on by the impossibly cute teen babysitter with big luscious blowjob lips, a small but firm pair of breasts, and a surprisingly buxom shapely little ass on the skinny teen blonde.

Chloe knew that flirting with Mr Johnson would never go anywhere, and was just a fun game, she loved the attention, and she loved to tease guys in general, a little mind fuck was harmless and the safest kind of sex, it was after all — imaginary. Just then, Chloe heard the lock turn in the front door, she clumsily hurried to turn off the home made DVD porno and slide her other hand out of her wet panties. Mr Johnson just looked on with a smirk, trying not to laugh.

Mrs J led Chloe to the big hallway closet, inside on the top level was a rope, and Mrs J instructed Chloe to turn around, and let her hands be tied behind her back. Mrs J went back the lounge, pulling Chloe by the free end of the rope, she put the DVD back in the TV and on came the big sloppy blow job scene again.

Chloe moretz sex stories

Mr Johnson walked over to Chloe, who was on her hands and knees, hands tied behind her back on the verge of tears and about to lose her only paying job when Mr Johnson stroked her hair, and then placing his large strong hand under her chin, lifted her sad head up and looked into her eyes. Chloe moretz sex stories her feelings, her school girl crush on this strong handsome man made her body tingle with excitement and desire.

Chloe was being manhandled by Mrs J and her husband, and loving it. It was too big to get all the way in her mouth, but he did his best to make sure she took in all she could, giving her pauses to breathe, but only just enough, before fucking her face and enjoying the sight of those big luscious juicy teenage babysitter lips wrapped around his dick. Oh fuck yes, grind my face you little honey blonde bitch. The smell drove Sarah wild. She loved to fuck young girls, perhaps even more than her husband, and it was her idea to leave the dirty movie out in the hopes that Chloe would watch it.

Dave liked to eat pussy, but not as much as his wife.

Chloe moretz sex stories

It was rare to find a young girl they could both enjoy together. Sometimes Dave would fuck one of the babysitters up the ass when he was bored, and that was that, then they would usually not see each other again. And sometimes Sarah would seduce a babysitter into her car, where she would go down on them. The young girls enjoyed her talented mature tongue on their little honeypots but were often too embarrassed afterwards to come back for more, and would go back to their limp dick boyfriends who could not easy pussy to save their life.

But Chloe was special, Mr and Mrs Johnson had been planning to seduce her together, noticing how oftem she flirted with Mr Johnson and the spark of sexual chemistry between them as undeniable. THe couple had knowingly left their dirty home movies where they knew a young curious girl would find them. Sarah had been hoping to find a young girl whom they could both fuck, and who would still babysit for them, and come back for more once she got a taste of the erotic sensual delights the mature sexy couple could offer her. Chloe gagged on his cock, her throat and mouth dribbled saliva all over her lips, and the saliva dripped onto her cute little breasts with tiny erect nipples.

Dave was getting close and Chloe knew it. She looked into his eyes lustfully, eager to finish what she had started. Dave used one hand to firmly grip the back of her head, and with the other tweaked her nipples. He fucked Chloes face harder and faster.

Chloe did her best to keep up as Dave slid in and out, in and out, stuffing his meat into her small mouth. Chloe gasped as his huge veiny bulging dick erupted in her mouth. Sarah felt the warm jizz dripping onto her belly, and with her free hand rubbed herself vigorously, getting off Chloe moretz sex stories how hot it was to have her man being sucked off right above her, and his seed dripping onto the slut babysitter and her naked flesh, it was so hot and turned Sarah but not quite enough for her to cum yet.

Chloe moretz sex stories

She had a regular boyfriend, but his tongue never felt this good on her Chloe moretz sex stories, Sarah clearly knew what she was doing. Dave took out a flexible purple dildo, and moved over to his wife who was still lying on her back on the floor underneath Chloe. Sarah moaned in enjoyment as Dave continuously worked the fake dick in her pussy. Sarah lay back with her eyes closed, totally relaxed, she surrendered to her two lovers, whose hands moved in unison working her juicy cunt into a mini orgasm, and then one bigger orgasm.

She knew Dave and Sarah really did care about her, she had always trusted and respected them, or she would never have let Sarah tie her hands behind her back. Chloe thought to herself that her job was probably safe, and not only was she still employed by this sweet sexy couple -babysitting for Mr and Mrs Johnson was probably going to be a lot more fun from now on. A saucy weekend sees the three friends get together for some mutual pleasure. All girl sex with no holes barred.

Chloe Grace Moretz was wearing white cotton panties and a pink Tshirt as she bounced around the house listening to some upbeat music. When she opened the door, she was delighted that two of her best friends had arrived — Dakota and Elle Fanning.

Chloe thew hew arms around them both and gave them a big hug before inviting them in. The three girls sat in the lounge talking and catching up. Wasting no time Chloe Grace brought out a big photo album for her friends to look at. Inside where pictures of her fucking her various friends — guys, girls, straight and lesbian sex, group sex, bondage, and all kinds of kinky scenarios.

Which photos do you like the best guys? Dakota pointed to a picture of Chloe being fisted in her pussy by a slender blond girl while two muscular guys ejaculated onto her face. Chloe wasted no time and stripped off in front of her friends, parading her stunning naked flesh before them.

Chloe moretz sex stories

She strutted up and down, being a mock exhibitionist, Dakota and Elle approached Chloe, they kissed her and started stroking her body up and down, before lowering themselves Chloe moretz sex stories to their knees, Dakota in front of Chloe, Elle behind her.

She leaned into Elle, pressing her whole body against her sister sent a tingle through her entire body, Elle moaned in anticipation at what was to come. Elle willingly leaned over a little to let Dakota reach around her waist, she was incredibly horny, and Dakota ordered Chloe to get down on all fours. Dakota finished doing up the belt on the fake cock. She slapped Elle on the ass. Dakota sat in a chair to the side of the bed and watched as her younger yet taller sister positioned herself behind Chloe. Dakota watched from the chair, helplessly touching herself, she bit her lip a little at the excitement of her sister about to fuck one of her best girlfriends in her back door.

Dakota relaxed into her chair, rubbing her own clit, enjoying the show. Elle stood up again, Chloe moved her hands back to holding her butt cheeks Chloe moretz sex stories and then Elle bent forward and gently kissed Chloe on each but cheek. Chloe let out a moan and whimper at the sensation of the fake dick pressing into her rear end.

Elle loved Chloe like a sister, she and Dakota were best friends, and Elle often tagged along on their adventures. When they went out to enjoy the night life, Chloe and Dakota took Elle along, and they noticed that when they did more guys would follow them home. Her sister finally caught her, and assumed it was the guys that Elle liked watching. But it turned out that while Elle enjoyed watching Chloe and Dakota getting fucked a big hard cock attached to some muscle bound idiot, she was more turned on at seeing Chloe naked and unashamed, enjoying her body, wild and carefree.

She fantasized about touching Chloe, as she watched yet another three-way between her sister, Chloe and some dude. Elle would often pleasure herself. Rubbing her clit, inserting two fingers, sometimes three into her dripping wet cunt. She would get off secretly watching the three way fuck fest in front of her eyes, sometimes reaching a powerful orgasm where she bit her lip and tried to keep quiet as possible so as not to be discovered. But it was too hard, she wanted to moan as loud as Chloe did, to let herself enjoy her body how Chloe did, maybe Chloe could teach her how?

Elle felt timid, and Chloe seemed so brave and hetrong. Elle imagined fucking Chloe, and that was what made her cum loudly the time she was discovered.

Chloe moretz sex stories

Dakota heard the mysterious moans and found Elle watching through the crack in the doorway with her hand down the front of wet panties, squatting in front of the doorway. Dakota had her fingers in her pussy, and could not stand up fast enough, nor deny the moist spot on the floor from her wet cunt.

Chloe moretz sex stories

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Chloe Grace Moretz Stories