Chloe bennet sex stories

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Switch to Print View - 17 posts 1 2 Next. I need a man who knows how to handle himself and knows what to do with a REAL woman. Please be real, clean, sexy, and sane. Hey stud! What do you feed that thing? Why don't you come over and find out? Depends are you a serial killer? Are you? Good point! Can I see a pic? I don't think that's a good idea.

I don't mean to be a DICK!!!

Chloe bennet sex stories

But I can't risk sending out naughty pics to some stranger and end up finding them on the internet Can't just you trust me? Sorry no pics this ain't happening Why not? I don't know you! You can actually be a serial killer for all I know. Okay I get it! Is it cool if I just send you some Instagram pics or something??? That could work. Real funny asshole!!! Next time don't send me pics of Chloe Bennet!!! I am her!!!

I slam my phone down and just go Chloe bennet sex stories to work on my computer. Relax this is not a prank! I stumble out of my chair, "Sorry if I was kind of a dick before," tripping over myself as I stumble through my messy apartment. I don't know if I'm making any sense scratching my head? I'm just glad you picked up! So what are you looking for exactly?

You still there She chuckles??? Just enough time to clean up and shower. Text me when your ready. Talk to you soon! Chloe strode into the space My eyes tracking her ass the entire time some would consider to be my living room in this cramped one-bedroom apartment, poking and prodding around my place rather intrusively. She pats the cushion next to her, "Scoot closer," sliding of her boots "I don't bite! It starts out rather politely, but rapidly builds into something intense and heated. I placed a hand on her boney hip and pulled her closer, my hard dick eagerly stabbing into her meaty thigh.

With increasing passion, our tongues dance and clash as our hunger grows.

Chloe bennet sex stories

It was like we were sucking the air out of each other's lungs. We eventually break our lip-lock to take a serious lungful of air. Never breaking eye contact, "Shit, someone's excited," she said, caressing my rock hard package. She dives in fishing out my cock.

SO BIG!!! I wiggle my pants down with ease, with her help until bare assed with my jeans tangled around my ankles. Chloe falls over Chloe bennet sex stories lap, gripping my cock at the base, rubbing her cheek with the tip of my erection, "What a beautiful DICK Chloe laughed heartily, studying the weighty meat in her hand actively pumping my hefty girth. She dips her head to give my member sweet little kisses, smooching sensually on my soft, spongy helmet. Smearing pre-cum all over her pursed lips, like applying lipstick. Licking it up and down, with broad lapping strokes, coating it with thick layer of hot saliva.

She made her way down to own of my swollen sacks beneath, tilting her head Chloe bennet sex stories, diving forward to take my balls into her heavenly, warm mouth. I eased a second finger into her sweltering heat as she lapped at the underside of my balls, her hot gushing hole rippled as she came on my fingers, bathing my hand in hot girl-cum.

She pulled her face back slowly, allowing a glistening sack of flesh to pop out of her mouth. When she repositions back on her haunches, she plunges down on my pole, siphoning in several inches into her sweet mouth. Taking me quickly into the back of moist, sublime tautness of her right throat. Chloe's traveled furiously up and down my pole, deep-throating my veiny boner in a series of reckless plunges that allowed my bloated glans to glide effortlessly all the way into her gullet at every pass.

It was fucking heaven, her throat a spasming tunnel of flesh massaging my cock, sending me sharp sparks of pleasure through me. Like a paid pornstar Chloe spits, "Phhhttt!!! Grabbing her head with both hands, dragged her up on to me, forcing her to take my remaining length.

Her mouth stretched impossibly wide around the fat base of my cock, maxing her throat out with my hard nine. Her lips were frothing round my working shaft, the eyes rolling in her head from sheer effort at trying to take me. She flings her loose white tops across, before slinging her bra ceremoniously across the room. Revealing her rubbery tan nipples that were the size and of a Hershey kisses, each standing proudly erect. I pulled her back into my and coarsely sucking one of her breasts into my mouth, then moved on to the other, ravenously tasting and manipulating their rawness. I coated them with saliva and touches making her tremble and snarl as she hypnotically grinded her dripping pussy against my raging boner.

Grabbing hold of my cock, she guided it to her gaping hole, biting her bottom lip as the mushroom head pressed up against her slick folds. My pubic bone mashed against hers and I felt her slick, warm walls embracing my entire member. This, I told myself, this was going to make me explode. Her vagina was alive, giving me those little clenches, while her body was doing those gyrations around the root of my cock, her weight pressing me back against the couch cushions, her mouth trying to maintain an open-mouth kiss while also fighting to breathe her gaspy pant. Mostly my cock stayed embedded, with my hips rocking a rhythm of pressures against her inflamed pussylips and clit.

I gripped her hips tightly as Chloe rode me with slow, massaging rolls of her hips. She seemed to savor the feel of my cock inside her, stretching her narrow inner walls. Her eyes were closed, her jaw set, lips slack. She whimpered and seethed through her teeth, grinding against me. I felt every ripple of her vaginal muscles, the squeezing, the pulling. We were both breathing moistly, our mouths alternating from slobbery kisses to gentle nibbles. Our bodies remained mostly connected as we slipped into a horizontal position. I was lying on top of her, pressing her forcefully into the cushions.

We were both breathy, our busy tongues and bodies, slithering and gyrating together. My mouth alternated between her lips and neck, her hands alternated between sluicing through my hair and digging clawmarks into my back. My knees dig deep into the cushions, "Yes, do it, do it! She sighed in a long, drawn out moan as I plunged forward with a slow half-stroke, then a sharp, inward driving thrust.

Deep inside, right up there at the high end, her cervix began to Chloe bennet sex stories every time my cock bumped to a halt. Her lubrication flowed, coating my cock and easing my passage. Rocking her hips with me, clamping her thighs around my waist, hooking her ankles around my ass as we lost ourselves in the raw, overwhelming act of fucking. I bottomed out on each inward thrust, each pistoning drive met with her joyful exhale and a slurpy sloppy sound of her ever increasing juices. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

I could feel my orgasm building inside my belly, I was ready to explode. As my hand pumped furiously, she eyed my pulsing cock with hunger and extended her tongue out of her open mouth in a lewd manor, awaiting my creamy white load.

Chloe bennet sex stories

Her subservient position pushed me over the edge and I gripped my shaft, holding it tightly as I aimed my dick at her outstretched tongue. Her mouth was bubbling with the stuff and great jellied gobs of it dangled from her chin. She was grinning impishly as she licked her cum-glossy lips clean and used her fingers to capture the few stray dollops tricking down her chin, eagerly swallowing my liquid essence to the last drop, "What's Next? She stepped into the shower with her hands held up over her chest likeblinking against the spray.

With eyes tightly closed, she raised her face into the warm spray from the shower head.

Chloe bennet sex stories Chloe bennet sex stories

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"The Christmas Wish" with Chloe Bennet