Cheerleader wedgie story

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Wedgies r cool. Search this site. Definition of Wedgie. Wedgie Dares. Wedgie Pic. Wedgie Stories. Wedgie Vid. When I was 15 I was at a sleepover with 15 of my friends. The parents were out of town. When I went to go get a snack my friends thought it would be fun wedging me.

When I came back, I was tackled to the ground, my hands were tied, and so were my feet. The gave me a huge wedgie. Then my friends called our other friends who were boys including my crush to come over. Then when they came over, they gave me a huge wedgie. I had to stay at the house since my parents were out of town too! They hung me on a hook on the other side of the house then kept on pulling me! Then when I came down they hooked me on a clothes line, pulled down my pants, and kept on spanking me with a huge paddle!

They did that everyday until the weekend Cheerleader wedgie story over. Then I told all of them that was the worst thing they ever did to me after the weekend at school. So now if I piss any of them of they will do that all over again! So far I've gotten 5 of them! And the bright side? There is none! My worst is i got put on my schools flagpole in a hanging wedgie all day!! Later while i was still up there i really had to go pee.

I ended up peeing my pants. Then after school the staff got me down and took me to the principles office. She said that because it was school policy i was forced to wear a diaper for Cheerleader wedgie story whole school year. They tried to get me to let them put a diaper on me but i refused.

My mom and dad were on a trip and some relatives were staying with me. The school called them and told them what happened. They said that i was going to wear the diaper. And it was not a disposabal diaper it was one of those incontinence diapers with the tabs. I was forced diapered by the school staff and then for the rest of the school year.

It was an at home punishment as well. Cause once my parents got back i had to tell them what happened. A story i have heard before is an 18 year old boy came home past curfew one night. His parents had already told him that if he was late again they would take his car away from him. His parents didnt see him but his 12 year old sister did.

Cheerleader wedgie story

She threatened to tell them unless he did what she said. He agreed because he needed his car on a date tomorrow. She pulled on his boxers and said, "these wont do. Meet me in the garage with your tightie whities on or else. There was a chair in between two hooks and his sister told him to stand on the chair. Then she put shaving cream down the back of his undies and put icy hot down the front. She hooked the legs of his undies to the hooks and tied his Cheerleader wedgie story behind his back. She said, "this is for all the ripped panties you have given me over the years!

Any last words? He started screaming so she duck taped his mouth shut and put a hello kitty diaper on him so none of the icy hot or shaving cream would leak out of his undies. She said," i think you will spend the night like this and when mom and dad find you tomorrow you will tell them you have a weird fetish or else!

Cheerleader wedgie story

S that was my older brother last year!! When I was 13 years old, I met one of my cousins. He is heavyset.

Cheerleader wedgie story

While we just met, he started acting jokingly towards me. Plus, he started farting in some places. I believed enough was enough.

Cheerleader wedgie story

We were watching TV when I spotted the waistband to his underwear. I sneak up behind him and yank his underwear up his big butt. I keep it there for 30 seconds. After I let go, he threatens me and tells me that I should not pull his underwear again. He goes into the bathroom to pick his underwear from his butt. I could not believe that a black 13 year old big boy like him still wore tighty whities. When he came back, we watched TV again. Then, I gave his tighty whities another wedgie. It was a good time.

Cheerleader wedgie story

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