Caught with panties stories

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Bella was wearing a black and white checkered wrap dress. The deep-v neckline teased her ample cleavage. Without seeing it, I knew she was also wearing a half-slip and lingerie chosen to please me. I pinned her to the foyer wall as soon as we entered her house. We kissed. I grabbed her soft ass.

She had a midwestern look with fair skin, dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. She was fit, but not slender, with a big sexy ass, smooth thighs, and nice bell-shaped tits.

Caught with panties stories

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I bent her over the edge of the bed and flipped her dress up. Just as expected, she had on a cream-colored lacy half slip and a virginal white lace thong. Her pussy was already soaked. I teased her with my fingertips until she begged for my cock. Then I held her hips and fucked her. I pulled her hair and spanked her ass. Each stroke was deep and hard. She moaned my name and begged for me to make her cum. I twisted my hand in her chin-length hair. Her big blue eyes were locked on mine.

I put my cock between her lips. I fucked her mouth nice and slow. She kept her eyes on mine the whole time. And she took every inch of my cock. I groaned loudly as I brought myself to orgasm. And then I filled her mouth. It was just a warm-up. Bella was eager to please and loved the attention. She was recently divorced from her high school sweetheart. He only fucked her in the missionary position a couple of times a Caught with panties stories. We met on Tinder before the ink was even dry on her divorce. But it was the blurb about being feeling unfulfilled in life that caught my attention.

It was shockingly honest. The sex was the best part of the relationship. She was so inexperienced and had spent so much of her life unsatisfied that she was open to almost anything I suggested.

Caught with panties stories

She just wanted the complete opposite experience that she had with her ex-husband. Despite her willingness to explore, I thought asking to wear her lingerie might be a bridge too far. Even before we met, her preference was for classy and expensive underwear purchased at nicer stores.

Caught with panties stories

It made her feel sexy and confident even when her husband neglected her. Bella expanded her collection when she realized how much I appreciated her taste. She went beyond simple matching bra and panty and slips. She added garter belts and stockings and teddies and nighties Almost everything was tasteful satin, silk, or lace. It kept our sex life lively and intense. I worked from home most days, and it got to the point where Bella would encourage me to relax at her place if I spent the night on a weekday. She liked the idea of coming home from work and me being there already.

As soon as she left I usually tried on her clothes. Part of the thrill was the risk of being caught, which was always a fantasy for me but had only happened once way back in college. I started taking more risks to increase the thrill.

A couple of times I invited a sissy friend over for afternoon sex in her bed.

Caught with panties stories

Getting caught was inevitable. I was wearing white stocking with a garter belt and bikini panties and a white camisole I was watching girl-on-girl porn and edging myself, so I missed the text message saying she would be home early. She caught me red-handed. When I walked into the bedroom I froze like a deer in the headlights. Her reaction was a mix of horror, anger, and hurt. She cried and yelled. Mostly she was just confused. I tried to make it seem as normal as possible. There was no need to tell her it was a regular thing.

I just like to have company sometimes when I dress up, and women have not often been accepting. She calmed down the more I talked. I realized it was absurd that we were having the conversation while I wore her dressing gown, lingerie, and stockings. I had a longterm relationship with someone Caught with panties stories college who was completely OK with me dressing up regularly. This would just be more. We talked some more and she told me she needed to think about things. She asked me to put on my own clothes and leave. I probably should have been ashamed.

Instead, I went home and got off to the fantasy of wearing her clothes while we fucked. I trust you.

Caught with panties stories

Come over on Friday. I was confident that things would go well. She greeted me with a soft kiss on the cheek. But I thought they might be sexy. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. It was all new things. I quickly stripped. The first thing I put on was the hot pink nylon string bikini panties.

They fit perfectly and hugged my quickly growing cock. Next was a light pink bra. Last was white thigh-high hold-ups with lace trim. I walked back to the living room. She was sitting on the sofa waiting. She stood and looked me up and down. She looked again and slowly circled me.

Her eyes were drawn to the bulge in my panties. The outline of my cock was evident through the thin material. She opened the sash on her robe. She was dressed in the exact same outfit I had been wearing Caught with panties stories. Bella had on the same camisole and white panties with a garter belt and stockings.

The only difference was she also wore heels. We kissed one another softly. She opened my sheer robe and ran her fingers over my panty-clad cock. My entire body trembled. She turned down the covers. We both shed our robes. We stood in front of one another and kissed.

She rubbed my cock through my panties.

Caught with panties stories

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