Burdizzo castration stories

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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Home What's New? 1 to 10 of Thread: Burdizzo Castration. Burdizzo Castration I want to know 1 the truth about this!!! Does Burdizzo castration stories Burdizzo really work to Castrate Human male balls??

Of those who have been castrated by the Burdizzo tool, I want to here from you by e-mail. I have a 16" Brandnew Burdizzo Clamp never used, would want it used on my nuts, but need to num the cords and do not have any pain killer???? As Anyone taken it without any numbing of the Cords?

No BS. Reply With Quote. Steve, Good buddy, if you are sincere about this please think about it first. Usually, tools such as this are meant for animals and it seems that nobody cares about how much pain that they cause an animal. If you think that this is for you this is how you go about it. Find somebody who has actually used this tool on animals and convince them that you REALLY want to go through with it.

You really have to apply pressure with this thing to get it to work. It should have came with instructions. Read them carefully. Trust is a BIG thing here.

Burdizzo castration stories

Next, take a laxitive 14 - 16 hours before you are to have it done. After the laxitive, take liquids only, along with any prescribed medication. Don't eat or drink anything for 6 hours before you are going to go through with it. This will get you drunk enough to stand the pain. Be careful with wine enemas, though.

Burdizzo castration stories

Your large intestine is a VERY efficient liquid absorber and it is possible to bring your blood alcohol to a fatal level doing this. I really don't recommend this method, but if you must, be safe, get somebody you trust to stay with you the whole time who can recognize if you are in trouble so that you can get to good medical help. After all, what good is it being a dead Eunuch?

Last edited by A-1; at AM. Ouch, painful. Perhaps not death from shock, but perhaps wishing you were dead! I clamped my finger with one of those damn things in shooting the famous Christmas Walnut pic we had here for a while Relax your clenched sphincter at Talula's.

Re: Burdizzo Castration. I was castrated with the burdizzo and only used poppers for pain but did wear a head harness with gag for sound control. The pain was massive and very intense but tolerable. Each nut should be clamped twice.

I was redone also but the nuts had become very small but still seem to have some feeling Burdizzo castration stories I really wanted to go through the procedure again. I loved the burdizzo on my nuts knowing that they would finally be dead. I was clamped with the 19" burdizzo which was closed by a cutter. The pain is lower key afterward but I did use poppers for several days for the discomfort. I have a 19 " burdizzo and know how to use it if you need assistance. I would also let someone trained do it.

Burdizzo castration stories

If you dont know what your doing you can hurt yourself. I have a friend who does use the burdizzo, but told me he wants his removed surgically. The castration is bloodless, but will bruise, and cause swelling. Must make sure to have plenty of pain Meds afterward. I have opted for surgical removal as well, but to each his own. The balls have shrunk in size and are still functional. I am getting reclamped with a 9" burdizzo tool that should complete the neutering. No pain meds will be used, just a rag in my mouth but to take deep breaths as 5 minutes each side will be clamped again this weekend.

Re: Burdizzo Castration I was clamped with a 19 inch burdizzo in and again in Both attempts failed. The guy that clamped me injected xylocaine into my cords before the procedure and applied ice-packs after packs of frozen peas actually to minimise bruising and swelling.

The first session I was clamped once each side for 30 seconds. The second session he clamped me twice each side and kept the clamp Burdizzo castration stories shut for 2 minutes each time. I was very disappointed with the failure because it was my favoured means of castration. If I still had balls I'd try it again but clamp once each side and keep it closed for 5 minutes each time. Re: Burdizzo Castration I was done with a burdizzo the last year, and it worked.

I almost passed out for the pain.

Burdizzo castration stories

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Burdizzo castration stories Burdizzo castration stories

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