Bred by the lumberjack read online

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Everyone comes to you. He would lurk by my side as I greeted and spoke with our visitors. He kept his arms crossed and glowered at them, especially if they were long in leaving.

Bred by the lumberjack read online

He did this every time. Today my visitors were Alwyn and Eira. I waved at her so she would stop. Half the village still fell to their knees when I passed. Siebold had shrugged when I complained of it. And how are you feeling? Her hand rubbed her still flat belly and she glanced up at Alwyn, her new husband.

I nodded. He held a large cabbage-wrapped bundle in his hands. The new couple left soon after, with Siebold ushering them from my presence. Meat and grain, mostly. I threw a pillow at him, but the wolf had already trotted away. He disappeared, returning at dusk as a man with a great stag slung over his shoulders.

Together they loped into the forest to cut down a tree for our fire. In the past year, Dafydd had shot up like a weed. Out loud he told a yawning Dafydd to go to bed. The boy obeyed, whining until Siebold promised another day of sparring. Once Dafydd was gone, Siebold turned to me. He strode my way, his large body fluid and supple, his hair glinting gold in the firelight. He stretched out beside me, twining my fingers with his.

The sight of him, the barest touch and I was ready to lie with him again by the fire, under the full moon. The quirk in the side of his mouth told me he knew the path my thoughts had taken. The baby squirmed. His fingers shook as his hand came to my belly. His daughter gave a mighty kick where her father touched and I glowed from the inside out.

Bred by the lumberjack read online

As I straddled him, he stroked my arm. If I looked hard enough, I could see the shimmer, faintly luminous in the dark. It was something I could not hide. But with Siebold here, I would never need to hide who or what I was ever again.

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It is your due. Eira took it with another curtsey. They know who saved them. My skin prickled with magic as he called the Change. A large blond wolf stood in my lodge, its snout pointed at my hearth. The wolf had gulped the meat, cabbage and all. That was my meat! Later that night, the sparks flew to the sky. I rolled my eyes. His long fingers danced up my arm. I shifted in my seat. The little one I carried gave an eager kick.

Bred by the lumberjack read online Bred by the lumberjack read online

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