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Thank you so much, Camy! Jaime was your best friend, and the love of your life, but not for long. Jaime wanted to shout and cry and scream as he pressed down on the bloody and gaping wound on your stomach. The Scarab sounded sad, and wanted vengeance. He tried to keep his chin up, but it was almost impossible.

You let out a breathy laugh and winced. You were out of time. You let out a sharp cry of pain and your nails dug into your palms. You gritted your teeth with a low groan as tears welled up in your eyes. Bart knelt on the ground next to you and swept some hair away from your face. You saw his eyes watering, too.

On missions, you almost always worked with Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Robin. It was like four perfect puzzle pieces. Your gaze drifted over to Arsenal, who hung back and aggressively ripped up corn leaves. It confused others for a moment, but you understood completely. Your first sob hurt so much. You both had never said those three binding words throughout your relationship; this was your last chance. You were barely able to do so. Jaime rapidly looked at your hand, to your injury, to your hand again.

The moment Jaime moved one of his hands, you felt more life draining out of you. His bloody fingers intertwined with yours and you exhaled slowly. You smiled weakly, and you eyes gradually started to close. Your heart was beating slower and slower, preparing to stop. Jaime held your body to his in a tight hug. He cried and wailed into your hair. He could barely breath from how hard he was sobbing. Grief was thicker than stone in the air back at HQ. For a long time, Jaime refused to let go of your lifeless body. You were supposed to have a future together. You were supposed have a home, to have children, to grow old together.

Your blood was still on his armor hours later, and Jaime had just begun the long process of cleaning it. He had no idea how to break the news to his mother. She loved you and thought you to be the perfect girl, and eventually perfect wife, for her son. Jaime heard Nightwing brutally chewing out Arsenal. Hell, Nightwing was almost screaming at him.

When Jaime looked up to listen, he ended up not having to use his ears for anything. I teared up Blue beetle x reader mate little when I was writing this, believe it or not. I hope you like it, Camy! Te amo. Te amo para siempre y siempre…: I love you. I love you forever and always…. Anon: 25 with jaime!!! Keep reading. Requested by the lovely aerodynamic-occamy! Thank you and I love your writing.

Is that really your whole thing? This is worse than the giant bat. Pfft still bad tho. My first post for the holiday season! Sit back and enjoy! I feel bad about not having them all done and I want to do something for when I hit 1k, so this one and the following sentences starters might not be very good. Request: anon: Hi, can you please do a Jaime Reyes x reader with the Holiday prompt 1, 2, and 5. Prompt s used: 1. I said two max in the rules, so it stays that way. And your siblings?

They were busy with their friends. Your friends that you had invited over for some Christmas Eve dinner?

They bailed out last minute, saying that they had other plans. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard the doorbell ring, and you wondered who it was. Making your way towards the front door, you opened it, only to see your childhood friend and crush, Jaime Reyes. Jaime let out a chuckle, looking at you. Besides, no one should be alone on Christmas. You blushed, shyly tucking a stray hair behind your ear. Here, come in. Jaime nodded, entering your house and looked around to see your handiwork. Jaime turned around, a frown on his face. You shook your head, waving him off. The boy nodded, following you into the kitchen.

He stood beside you as you were preparing the popcorn, not noticing the little decoration that was placed the two of you. You turned around, your face showing concern. Jaime grabbed your wrist, stopping you. Anon: Dating Jaime Reyes Headcanons? Very excited for this one, I love Jaime! I hope these are satisfactory! Jaime Reyes. That female would be optimal for reproduction. I have analyzed the blood sample from the last mission and—. I analyzed the blood sample obtained from last mission when the subject was immobilized and you navigated them to a safe position.

A pause, and Jaime felt a buzz in his ears. Sensors indicate nothing is wrong with your hearing, Jaime Reyes. Everything okay? Newly obtained DNA from skin indicate a genetic match of I advise you to proceed with a mating ritual, Jaime Reyes. Hello my friend, welcome! My apologies for getting to this so late I have no idea when I got this; with my luck, it was a while ago. Posts Fic requests closed, x reader headcannon requests closed Submit a post Archive. No, she will not, Jaime Reyes. We are losing our mate. Even if she did live, she would be paralyzed from the waist down for life.

It Blue beetle x reader mate almost time, Jaime Reyes. Eliminate him. Translations: I actually knew a good amount of this [but not all] without using the Spanish dictionary; thank you, three years of Spanish classes! Blue Beetle x Reader: Finally Anon: 25 with jaime!!! You think no one cares!?

I care! If you want to leave, just do it. The door is over there. Lol, I tried. Pfft still bad tho Keep reading. Word Count: 1, Warnings: No warnings, to be honest. Anonymous asked: Hi, can you please do a Jaime Reyes x reader with the Holiday prompt 1, 2, and 5. Warning s : none. In short, you were going to be alone on Christmas. What are you doing here? You forgot that you had put that there!

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Blue beetle x reader mate

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