Bisexual fantasy stories

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Members of Cainland received experimental drugs in their food or water, which caused nightly hallucinations. This novel vividly portrays how Black bodies have been used Bisexual fantasy stories unethical experiments while celebrating queer love, motherhood, and vengeance. Find it at BookshopAmazonor your local library. She can make cut paper come to life — though it's a skill she has little opportunity to hone as it comes from her Vietnamese ancestry, and she knows no other person of her heritage.

She befriends Daisy asand Daisy becomes the epitome of white wealth and privilege. Find it at BookshopTargetAmazonor your local library. A new technology threatens to tear a family apart in this prescient, character-driven sci-fi. Pilot is a brain implant that increases focus and cognitive abilities. Soon, her son is asking for a Pilot, as is her wife, Julie. This lush and beautiful sapphic novella explores themes of colonization in a Vietnamese-inspired fantasy setting.

There, she survives a traumatic fire and falls in love with the Ephteria heir, Eldris. The Seep are alien entities that connect everything and everyone. Their primary purpose in visiting Earth is to help spread joy and happiness by letting everyone decide who and what they want to be. Trina Goldberg-Oneka is a trans Native American woman who deeply understands what it means to want to change. However, when Deeba decides she wants to be reborn as an infant again to start life over, Trina has a breakdown. She goes on a quest to better understand the Seep and its most vocal advocates, but nothing can fill the void that Deeba left.

Jebi is a nonbinary artist hired by the Ministry of Armour to paint magical sigils onto masks for the conquering government's automata. Unfortunately, Jebi discovers that sometimes you have to choose a side. Rich in character development, this inventive standalone fantasy is a beautiful look at art and pacifism in a time of war. In this grim and engrossing dystopian world, the climate wars have ravaged Earth, and very little habitable space remains. The sustainable city Qaanaaq floats in the Arctic Circle, but Bisexual fantasy stories has become rampant, and as the wealthiest keep getting wealthier and the poorest poorer, unrest has begun to threaten the city.

To make matters worse, a new plague is decimating Qaanaaq. The four alternating main characters are all trying to survive in vastly different ways. When a strange woman riding an orca arrives, the four characters' lives become forever entwined in their fight for survival.

Of the four main characters, three are queer. Fifty years earlier, wizard and scientist al-Jahiz rediscovered magic, and now Cairo is steeped in the supernatural. Thankfully, she has the help of her girlfriend, Siti, and her Ministry colleagues. From the richly detailed world-building to the fun whodunit plot and engaging characters, this sprawling historical fantasy is one to get lost in.

This entertaining urban fantasy is steeped in Malaysian mythology. Jess has recently graduated from Harvard but doesn't have many work prospects. She leaves behind a secret girlfriend she hopes to one day in Singapore. In Malaysia, Jess's dead Ah Ma grandmother possesses her, and Jess becomes a medium to both her grandmother and her grandmother's god, Black Water Sister.

As a medium, she finds herself wrapped up in a gang war. Black Water Sister is a twisty, feminist, and enthralling -turner. As children, she sold them to the Grand Monastery, where they are raised. Fed up with his mother, Akeha leaves the monastery and s the rebels, but in doing so, he leaves his sister behind.

Inspired by Indian epics, The Jasmine Throne begins a new sapphic fantasy trilogy by Tasha Suri, whose writing here is just as lush and stunning as in her first fantasy series, The Books of Ambha. Priya is a priest turned servant with a magical secret, driven to help save poor, dying children stricken by a Bisexual fantasy stories disease.

Feared by the villagers, he lives a quiet life in the wood with only a cat and a dryad as friends. Then the handsome and charming Henry Silver moves into Greenhollow Hall and begins making trips to the wood to visit Tobias, curious about Green Man mythology and lore — but he awakens a darker past by doing so. This quiet and enchanting novella will sweep readers off their feet. This heartfelt novel features an unassuming social worker content with the status quo who stumbles upon a cause that will transform his life and a love that will stand beside him.

Then Extremely Upper Management gives him a top-secret job to investigate an orphanage on an island in the Cerulean Sea. This is no ordinary orphanage. Ren and her sister Tess are orphans whose past trauma has driven them to become con artists. They travel to the city of Nadezra, where Ren poses as the niece of the head of an aristocratic family.

Little does she know that the Bisexual fantasy stories is not as well off as it seems. With a large cast of characters and plots within plots within plots, The Mask of Mirrors is a feast to savor slowly. AsTouraine was one of many taken by the empire to be trained as an indentured soldier. This makes Touraine begin to question her identity and her role in the empire. Uiziya has trained in three of the four magical weaves, but to learn the final weave and create a bone cloth, she needs to train with her aunt Benesret, a Master Weaver.

The nen-sasair has only recently changed and has lived most of his life as a woman. In his gender-divided culture, his people struggle with his new identity. Both carry many regrets, which prompts them to quest together Bisexual fantasy stories, in the end, confront the evil Ruler of Iyar.

Rebecca Roanhorse sets Black Sun — the first book in a new fantasy trilogy — in a fantasy world inspired by the pre-Columbian Americas. Xiala, a bisexual captain charged with carrying Serapio to Tova, can calm the waters with her voice, an inheritance from her magical, ocean-dwelling Teek heritage, but her sailors fear her. This violent and epic clash between colonizers and indigenous peoples pushes against Eurocentric fantasy.

The woman in white utilizes the racist anger of alt-right groups to attack each borough. This complex and surreal fantasy is partly based on African history and mythology. Tracker, the protagonist, is a violent man with the nose of a wolf. Together, they track the missing child in this violent and dark epic fantasy, with stories upon stories woven into the narrative. There, she becomes entangled in a conspiracy with far-reaching implications, both for multiverse travel and herself. Baru Cormorant is 7 years old when the Empire of Masks conquers her home country and irrevocably tears her three-parent family apart.

As she grows up, Baru hones her genius to become an ant, and the empire sends her to a politically fraught country. While she pretends to serve the empire, Baru has one goal in mind — revenge. However, her growing attraction to the Duchess Tain Hu puts her plans for revenge against the empire at risk.

This dark political fantasy is the first book in a complex and enthralling trilogy. This delightful fantasy is set in a war-torn Edwardian England—inspired fantasy world. Secretly a magic user, war veteran Miles works as a doctor treating mentally ill veterans returning home from war. Witchmark is the first book in a completed trilogy. When Achilles is forced to the Greeks to storm Troy, Patroclus follows, and their love is tested as the years pass and the war rages on.

With the annual boarding games coming up, the crew needs to be in tiptop shape and ready to work together as a team, but Max throws a wrench in their plans. At first nervous about ing the tight-knit crew, Max soon develops a rapport with Bisexual fantasy stories on board. They discover a far-reaching plot that puts Max and many more at risk. This lovely novella mixes several fairy tales as two middle-aged queer women must deal with their past wrongs and their forsaken families to complete their current quest.

In this unique and unnerving science fiction, Swedish author Karin Tidbeck presents a dystopian society where emotional connections are discouraged. She also begins to fall in love with her housemate, Nina. A merchant caravan hires him as a guard along with a group of other men, including the Captain, Isa, who Demane deeply respects. As the men travel into the dangerous Wildeeps, where shape-shifting animals and unknown dangers lay in wait, Demane and Isa grow closer.

In this wildly inventive novel, the emperor invites the nine necromancers spread across space and their sword-fighting cavaliers to compete in a competition to become a Lyctor, an immortal necromancer. The competition takes place on a decaying mansion on another planet, with magical secrets hidden behind locked doors.

Gideon and Harrowhawk must learn to work together someone begins murdering the necromancers and their cavaliers. This intriguing political space opera is set in a world that normalizes queerness. Mahit Dzmare has always admired the Teixcalaanli Empire and longed to visit it. Her mixed loyalties become even more at odds when she discovers that someone most likely murdered the ambassador.

What seems like a pretty boring job turns out to be anything but when assassins frequently beset the lady on her way to be married.

Bisexual fantasy stories

As the group of women investigate, Dell becomes increasingly attracted to Winn, another one of the bodyguards. Everyone in the home wishes to find their door again and return. Nancy is a new student whose portal world was where Death reigned. Nancy hopes this can be a new home for her while she awaits a doorway back to the land of Death, but when a student dies, and then another, her new home is threatened, unless she and the students can figure out what's happening.

In this lovely meta-narrative novella, characters use multiple queer pronouns: ae, se, e. The city Ora uses a living network called the Gleaming to maintain peace within the city. Anima is an extra-sensory, nonbinary human who can plug into the Gleaming to watch its inhabitants and its borders.

Within the trunk are objects, and as Anima explores the stories behind each object, ae begins to question their part of the Gleaming. This fun and action-packed space opera has lots of engaging queer characters. When the station housing her restaurant is attacked, she and her former crew turned restaurant employees flee to the ship You Sexy Thing. Bisexual fantasy stories Sexy Thing is a one-of-a-kind bio-ship, and the longer the crew stays aboard, the more the ship learns and begins to enjoy their company.

Bisexual fantasy stories

Then pirates take the ship and imprison Niko and her crew, but Niko has secretly yearned to return to the pirates and rescue the woman she once loved. This might be the chance she needs. This beautiful and quietly philosophical novella presents a hopeful glimpse into Bisexual fantasy stories future where humanity actually does the right thing. When Dex, a nonbinary tea-mixing monk, decides to travel into the wilderness to search for a sound that haunts their dreams, they meet a wild-built robot named Mosscap, and the two form a friendship.

Years earlier, when robots became sentient, humans agreed to let them live their separate lives in the forest. Now Mosscap will help Dex find the sound they long for, though what awaits them in the forest surprises them. In exchange, Mosscap asks that Dex help it learn more about humanity. In this queer-affirming galactic future, the 42nd reincarnation of King Arthur is a pansexual brown girl named Ari.

When she unknowingly draws Excalibur from a tree on Old Earth, she reawakens Merlin, who is now a teenager, and ignites the cycle of Arthurian legend.

Bisexual fantasy stories

She needs to gather her knights together to defeat the Mercer Company. This YA space opera is a blast to read, as is book 2, Sword in the Stars. Jam is a Black trans girl who lives in the utopian city of Lucille, where the angels vanquished all the monsters long ago, or so Jam and her best friend Redemption are taught in school. This engaging and heart-wrenching read shows how sometimes the monsters are the ones that appear to be the safest. In this Persian—inspired YA fantasy, a poisonous, bisexual girl manages to find love despite her killer touch.

Bisexual fantasy stories

When her brother arrives home from a campaign with a captured Div — and the handsome stranger who helped defeat it — she jumps at the chance to find out how to cure her curse. As the handsome stranger takes an interest in her and Soraya interrogates the captured Div, she begins to question her lack of freedom and the reasons for her curse. Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a lovely feminist fairy tale with a surprising romance.

Bisexual fantasy stories

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