Babysitters black book real story

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Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: 1. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below. Look for them in the presented list. Babysitter's Black Book Genre: Drama. Country: USA. Duration: 88 min. Story: When her parents' financial problems threaten Ashley's dreams for college, the high school whiz kid takes matters into her own hands.

She and her girlfriends turn their babysitting business into a wildly successful escort service for d. But in this small suburban community, nothing stays secret for long. Style: captivating, psychological, realistic, cynical. Plot: prostitute, escort, escort service, babysitting, friendship, sex scene, seduction, money, college, ambition, cheating, regret, blackmailer, nanny, family relations, society, rivalry, high school, female director, unfaithful, cheating wife, blonde, sex maniac, betrayal, unfaithful husband Time: 21st century.

Place: usa. Movie in prostitute. Most similar movies to Babysitter's Black Book The list contains related movies ordered by similarity. Recommendation engine sorted out realistic, captivating, serious and psychological films with plots about society, friendship, rivalry, youth, family relations, couples and hopes mostly in Drama genres.

The matching attributes are highlighted in bold. Subscribe for new and better recommendations:. She's Lost Control Duration: 90 min. Story: Ronah's life unravels when she starts working with a new client, Johnny. Style: psychologicalserious, tense, realisticcaptivating Plot: sexual relations, life turned upside down, prostitutefemale protagonist, sex scenecouples, societysexual content, urban, female director. Time: 21st centurycontemporary.

Place: usanew york. Yes No. Mentor Duration: 92 min. Story: A thought-provoking drama about the power that a famous university professor holds over his students and assistants. Style: psychologicalrealisticserious, captivatingsexy Plot: love triangle, power relations, dishonesty, manipulation, unfulfillment, ambitioncollegefriendshipuniversitymentor, power, teachers and students Some Velvet Morning Duration: 84 min.

Story: Fred arrives at the doorstep of his beautiful young mistress Velvet after four years Babysitters black book real story, claiming to have finally left his wife.

Babysitters black book real story

But when she rejects his attempts to rekindle their romance, his persistence evolves into obsession — and a dark Style: suspense, realisticpsychologicalatmospheric, twists and turns Plot: infidelitydestructive relationship, sexual relations, couples, quibbling, prostitutemystery, battle of the sexes, love and romance, human nature, indoor, profanity Maine Duration: 86 min.

Story: Backpacking alone on the Appalachian trail, a married woman meets a younger hiker and the two strangers become inexplicably drawn to one another. Style: captivatingsincere, sentimental, realistic. Plot: hiking, camping, loneliness, dysfunctional relationship, love, sexual attraction, sex sceneinfidelityseductionfamily relationsfriendshipcouples Place: usamaine. Movie in collections. Toe to Toe Duration: min. Story: Out on the lacrosse pitch, wealthy but troubled Jesse and poor but driven Tosha form an easy and deep bond, but their relationship is threatened once they enter the hallways of an elite prep school they attend in Washington, D.

There, they must Style: captivatingrealisticpsychologicalsentimental, touching Audience: teens. Plot: friendshipcoming of age, self discovery, teenage life, racism, youth, social differences, lacrosse, high school life, family relationsfriends, parents and children Place: usawashington d.

Also search: Movies like The Girlfriend Experience 7. Video Girl Duration: 95 min. Story: Lorie Walker Meagan Goodattends a ritzy private school in a small southern town. Raised by her grandmother Valerie Ruby Deeshe often daydreams of becoming a professional dancer. After a chance meeting with a renowned music video director, Style: realisticpsychologicalcaptivatingatmospheric, serious. Plot: desire for fame, ambitiondancer's life, celebrity culture, rise and fall, small town, life is a bitch, follow your dream, societyrivalrysex sceneinjury The Flight of the Swan Country: Greece, USA.

Duration: 94 min. Story: Alexis is an explosive personality, passionate about life, humanity, nature, love and beauty. That is until the breakneck rhythm, intensity, stress and convolutions of career and economic success shatter him, alienating him from everyone and Style: disturbing, realisticserious, captivatingbleak. Plot: friendshipambitionrise to the top, societyrivalryobsession, idealism, dishonesty, intrigue, family relationslove, Babysitters black book real story animal Time: contemporary, 21st century.

Duration: 82 min. Style: realisticcaptivatingpsychologicalatmospheric, sincere Plot: friends, city life, friendshipunderstanding, societyfamily relationsurban, twentysomething life, best friends, friend, sex. Place: new york, usa. Chromophobia Story: Encouraged by his editor to seek 'sexy stories that sell', a reporter preys upon the private life of an erstwhile friend, with disastrous.

Style: emotional, touching, psychologicalserious, Babysitters black book real story Plot: man boy relationship, friendshipcelebrity culture, family relationssocial worker, family problems, obsession, family in crisis, prostitutefemale nudity, societyjournalism Degrassi Takes Manhattan Country: Canada.

Story: Film spin-off of Nickelodeon's popular teen program Degrassi. Style: realisticsentimental, psychologicalcaptivatingserious Plot: teenage life, friendshipyouth, rivalryfriends, couples, vengeance, couple relations, infidelityparty, dishonesty, twins Time: 21st centurycontemporary, s.

Babysitters black book real story

Place: canada, usa. Also search: Zipper related movies 5. Firelight Duration: 96 min. Story: Incarcerated women a band of volunteers who battle forest fires and assist during natural disasters. Style: emotional, realisticsincere, serious, touching Plot: youth, redemption, power relations, reach out, juvenile delinquency, human spirit, societyhopes, friendshipfire brigade, rivalryfemale director. Purpose Story: A software developer becomes a billionaire and is distracted by fame, greed and power, then must save his invention and company from a hostile takeover.

Style: realisticcaptivatingpsychologicalatmospheric, stylized Plot: relationship vs career, rivalryrise to the top, redemption, infidelitymaterialism, lifestyle, ambitionbusiness, company, financier, betrayal Time: 90s. The Little Death Duration: 75 min.

Babysitters black book real story

Style: suspenseful, realisticserious, captivatingtalky Plot: culture clash, prostituterivalrymind game, societynihilism, seductionbrothel, sexuality, repression, forbidden love, fall in love Time: 20th century, s. The Girlfriend Experience Duration: 27 min. Story: Explore the relationships between exclusive escorts and their clients, for whom they provide far more than just sex.

Style: sexual, serious, realisticcaptivatingsexy Plot: sexual relations, escortprostitutesex scenecall girl, female nudity, workplace situations, workplace, casual sex, friendshipinfidelitycash

Babysitters black book real story

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