Asian catfight stories

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The plot is as old Asian catfight stories time: Two women, one guy, neither wants to share. They fight and one wins him. The loser cries and sinks her head in humiliation while the winner rides her new boyfriend into an all-consuming orgasm. Even my most ambitious project up to date is just a series of catfights over a man. I like my stories to be a straight crescendo from beginning to end, with tons of sex in between. There are violent threesomes, hateful stares, provocative little dresses to impress the guy away from the other woman, a few hair pulls.

All their feminine charms are used in this holy war against the other woman. The nature of the conflict also means that the catfights or duels in the Duel Room universe have a tendency to become highly erotic confrontations with the view of not only beating the whore down, but impressing the man in question. No quarter will be given, no asked. Sexy Manami Honjo has had her sights on her cute co-worker, Eiji, since day 1. Yet Manami wants more, and the only obstacle to becoming his official girlfriend is the current girlfriend, Fumiko Hayashi.

Fumiko for her part is incensed at the brazen interloper pretending to steal her boyfriend from under her nose. Neither will give way on the matter, leading to the ultimate expression of violence in their world, the duel room. The two girls will enter the room to fight for him to the bitter end, but only will come out, guy in hand. It has finally happened.

Asian catfight stories

All pretense of civility now gone, the love rivals will commit outrage after outrage in their quest to upstage the other woman until they face each other in a final showdown. Wearing nothing but skimpy outfits, the young girls will foxy box for 9 punishing rounds until one overcomes her bitter carnal foe. Each European beauty wants to drive the point home that the guy is hers.

So they have decided to engage in a lurid claiming duel, where the sultry sirens will fight tooth and nail over him as the same time as each tries to make Minho cum inside her. Trying to fuck and fight at the same time is a dangerous game, and claiming duels are known for their twists and turns, especially the dreaded contested outcome. The sultry Grace Xi also known as Xixi has fallen in love with Seiji, who was supposed to be nothing but an occasional fuckbuddy.

The Japanese siren has no intention to let the Chinese whore steal her hard-won man! Both intending to spend an afternoon of passionate lovemaking with the Seiji, Mayumi and Xixi are surprised to see each other in the intimacy of his living room wearing nothing but little dresses deed to impress him. One year has passed since Mayumi Suzuki and Natsumi Hirano Asian catfight stories a brutal showdown over Seiji in the duel room. That might have been the climax of their struggle over Seiji, but before that, there were 8 grueling days where the girls fought over every inch of his cock in his apartment.

The whole 9 days saga left a trail of resentment, hurt feelings and wounded pride for the losing woman while netting the victress a one-year relationship with the handsome Seiji. Now said victress looked at the calendar with trepidation, the one year mark being both a cause of celebration and worry for any girlfriend. By duel law her erstwhile nemesis could come back to the city, contact her ex-boyfriend again and restart the whole cycle of violence. Should that happen, the resulting confrontation is likely to be even nastier, more vicious than last time, culminating in another savage showdown in a stuffy duel room.

She was less thrilled about his new British girlfriend, blonde Jessica Chambers. The beguiling Caucasian siren for her part had been warned about the ex-girlfriend and is prepared to defend her nascent relationship with Alan at claw point. It was obvious Asian catfight stories had a type and that type is tall, thin, long-legged and with massive F cups.

Asian catfight stories

They have decided to fight for Alan in the place they coveted: his bed. The best pair of tits Alan has known in the East will face the best pair of tits he knows in the West in an epic struggle where only one can claim his cock! Young coed Elodie Fan has always been aware of the harsh realities of realities of winning and keeping a boyfriend in a world were there are 5 women for every man.

Watch as these sexy Asian vixens face off in a depraved tit jousting match, clad only in high heels and tiny thongs until one pair of tits proves better and wins the man in dispute. Their mutual lover has called them to his living room, hoping for them to settle their differences and find a way to share his cock in harmony.

Asian catfight stories

Ex-girlfriend Sarai Tangtrongchit and girlfriend Lily Chen have outwardly agreed, but deep down they know this day will end not in hugs and handshakes but in carnage and violence. Having this golden opportunity to finally end their unsatisfying sexual stalemate over him, the cantily clad Asian sex kittens will bare Asian catfight stories claws, leading to a savage catfight in the privacy of his living room.

The night will end with the victress riding his cock, while the sulking loser prepares the way for a bitter rematch. They have waited too long for this day to let his desire for peace to get in the way of the destruction of the other woman! It had been a dazzling fight over his cock. A vicious showdown where each tried to show herself the better lover. And it had solved nothing. Having once put her tits on the line for Li Song, the attractive Sarai Tangtrongchit will have to prove herself in the duel room once again if she wants to keep his affection.

This time her opponent is not a young coed on but a member of the teaching staff called Nayoung Park. Read as the jealous Thai girlfriend faces off against the cock-hungry Korean tutor in a vicious duel over him! Lily Chen and Sarai Tangtrongchit always knew a rematch was on the works. With a marriage proposal on the line, the jealous sex kittens will face each other in a formal duel, totally naked, in public for the right to spend a romantic holiday with the man in question.

The Chinese Asian catfight stories Li Song is once again at a crossro. Opposing her is Elodie Fan, the stubborn college ex-girlfriend who will do everything to win him back. The sexy combatants will duke it out in an idyllic island resort where an eager crowd will see them fight tooth and nail over his cock until one Asian goddess vanquishes her sexual rival. Who will prevail? Each preceding confrontation, while a small matter in isolation, has supercharged the office with sexual tension and divided the workplace in two distinct camps engaged in an unsatisfying cold war.

Sexy Natasha Veselov is very much in love with her boyfriend Vlamir Durov. Chinese girls know the art of fighting over a man as well as the Latinas. Knowing something big was happening today, German Laura Jung could have avoided the chaos raging today around the office. Yet it was going to be at a place of her choosing, the parking lot just outside the office. Yet, having fallen hopelessly in lust with the exotic stud, the Asian sirens will do whatever it takes to get rid of the other woman and win the guy for herself. Clad in scanty dresses and high heels the jealous beauties will fight out until one proves the better woman.

Unwilling to accept her defeat, the ravishing Allison challenges Melisa Cadmen to a duel over Larry. Will Allison manage to salvage her relationship with Larry or will she lose him to his brazen American side chick? Afro-American Steve Washington has rented a small two-story yacht for a small one week getaway with his girlfriend. The only problem is that Sarah Zhang and Emily Evans both proclaim themselves his girlfriend. She sees them as vultures, circling around Eiji, looking for a weakness they can exploit to seduce Eiji away from her.

Among them, the attractive Naomi Yang YingYing has made a point to antagonize her, and Fumiko has returned her hatred in spades.

Asian catfight stories

She just felt it in her bones. Yet they charged barbs and angry staredowns have never amounted to much…until today. As the office is consumed by an explosion of catfight violence, the legal department is rocked when Chinese saleswoman Allison Xu barges in and whacks American beauty Melissa Cadmen with a provocative cum-lathered slap. Hermann was both turned on and sad as he saw his long-term girlfriends battling it out like cats in heat at the office gym.

The day of mayhem is finally over. HR manager Minseo Park sighs as she deals with the crisis at hand and its aftershocks. The jealous goddesses have decided only the dirtiest, nastiest of duels will do. They literally fight for cock, each beauty trying to make Li Song cum as they viciously tear each other apart with their teeth.

Not a catfight of no legal consequence, but a formal duel, with legally enforceable rules that will ensure the loser never interferes with the romantic life of the winner ever again. The end being to destroy the other woman and win Cho Minho for herself. Former friends Katie Zhu and Samantha Woods fing themselves face to face again in a small boxing ring for what they hope will be their final confrontation over Hermann. One faction leader has triumphed over the other in their long running feud over the regional manager.

The girls from the winning faction are ecstatic, but an uncertain future awaits the girls from the losing faction. As girlfriend and ex-girlfriend tear into each other at the arena Battling girlfriends 4a different Asian catfight stories plays out at the stands. Japanese girlfriend Fumiko Hayashi and Slovakian adventuress Katerina Polievka stare at each other warily as they sit besides Euji Oue, their hands stroking the man they covet. They could just enjoy the lurid spectacle in front of them…and yet, will they?

Or will female jealousy get in the way, the battling hands and clashing tongues making them forget all ladylike behaviour? Fumiko Hayashi and Katerina Polievka continue their bitter feud over Euji Oue, their last showdown having produced nothing but a haughty victress riding his cock and a resentful loser eager for a rematch.

The European and Asian vixens will be chained, fixed in place, covered in oil, dressed in slutty attires as they face each other again in front of a crowd baying for blood! Their battlefield? Right on top of the man each claims as hers, his erect cock right in between their starving pussies. Who will end up claiming him? He would not choose. The girlfriend would not cede. The secretary would not stop. Only violence could solve this romantic Asian catfight stories. He needed a new secretary.

Asian catfight stories

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