Actual incest stories

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My family mom and dad and me I was 16 at the time went to my aunt's for christmas. She is my d sister and we were going in another country so we stayed for a week. My aunt's husband and I were coming from the restaurant one evening before everyone else because I was feeling tired and he had to put his little daughter to sleep cause she was crying.

Actual incest stories

When he did that he came to me and started touching me, after that he licked my pussy and fingered me. We almost got caught by my parents. They left and I stayed alone with my aunt and her husband for a couple of days and they were supposed to bring me home. My aunt's husband and I were having little sexy scenarios where he would touch my pussy when my aunt was asleep.

I was so wet and horny around him. Couple days later I went to ride with him in his truck and we fucked multiple times. It was so good. I get horny everytime I think about Actual incest stories. He still touches me sometimes and I wish we had an opportunity to fuck again sometimes.

My husband was still at work so I took my time to not rush things. I knew it was wrong what I was doing, but I was so turned on by it. I had him suck on my breast and rub my pussy. I eventually removed his shorts and boxers and started jacking him off. I then got him in the shower because I really wanted to suck him and I Actual incest stories. I felt so guilty after doing that but I guess not so guilty since I did it 2 more times that day. One day at a family party that was done outside I went inside to use the bathroom. Before going in I noticed the light to her room was on and the door was slightly opened I kept going to her room and opened it she was making her little brother go to sleep.

I said hi to her and idk why but I just sat next to her the door was fully opened so nothing weird at this point. We started talking about school and what not. Eventually I brought up if she really has a crush on me and she said yes. I instantly got a hard on. I started asking her why me and what does she like about me?

Actual incest stories

I asked her if she wanted to kiss me and she replied with a yes. I closed the door her brother was already asleep, and I sat next to her again and we kissed for a good minute or two. Until I heard the front door slam. I stood up and ran to the bathroom. We are families that have lots of parties almost one or two every week. This time with out questions we started kissing and I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She started stroking it through my pants. Eventually after that day I knew what I wanted everytime we see each other at a party my house her house our uncles and aunts houses we meet outside on the side of the house and kiss and play with each other.

We made sure it was at night so no one would see us. After that everytime we saw each other I had my pants down my cock hard waiting for her to come and get on her knees and suck me. Every weekend we go outside and do this occasionally our cousins that were playing we would hear them coming but they never caught us. I saw her pussy it was so creamy and wet I gave it to her she screamed as I gave her my cock. I told him if he wanted some and he went inside the back of the car to get sucked but I went in also I wanted to treat her like a slut I finished jerking off on her tits while she was giving him a hand job.

This was around the time I was 17 and she was Actual incest stories We did this for almost 5 years. Usually I jerk off thinking about My mom and my aunt. Kissing, touching and penetrating someone who is of your own blood is so against nature. Usually when I touch myself, I imagine my mother and I in situations where we can't get out of it. One fantasy is that we are both trapped in a quarantine location a farm or a bunker and after a few months go by, I start letting go and wanting to fuck my mom.

Another is that my mother is imprisoned and a group of mobsters threaten that if I don't have sex with her and cum inside her mouth, they'll cut my cock. Still another is that I go to the gloryhole and after finishing, I learn that they made a video of the girl who was inside.

I am traumatized, because she was my mother. When I was in middle school my father died. A year after his death, for a strange reason I couldn't explain, images and scenes of my mother giving me a blowjob or me fucking her ass began to appear in my mind. When they appeared, I chased them out of my head, because I found them disgusting and could not give an explanation. One day two of my classmates discuss the fact that during puberty it is normal for boys to "think" of their mothers.

I entered the conversation by saying that it is not normal to do such a thing, but they replied that everyone likes their own mom. One day I went with my mom for a month on Actual incest stories to my aunt. I was still experiencing puberty and at my aunt's house there is Actual incest stories wi-fi, computer or internet, and I also didn't bring my smartphone or PC. I was in the bathroom and I tried to masturbate thinking of a curvy model, but suddenly my mother's face appeared on the woman's body. After a while to resist, I thought that in the end it is just a matter of imagination and that it doesn't necessarily have to happen in reality, so I let myself go and masturbated thinking about fucking my mother.

A few days later I also added my aunt to such fantasies. Growing up this thing is gone. This is my secret since puberty. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Actual incest stories

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Actual incest stories

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