Accidental anal story

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I've been with my girl for more than ten years and had always been disappointed at her unwillingness to take my cock in her ass. I've always been an ass enthusiast and hers is a particularly lovely, big round firm one with a cute rosebud so you can imagine my disappointment. It was an ass that needed my cock in it. The most I was allowed to do was rub my cock against her rosebud a little to get myself Accidental anal story before fucking her pussy. One night we were playing with massages and I was enjoying the view of her on her stomach with that amazing ass tempting me.

As I applied more and more massage oil, I cheekily let some ooze between her ass cheeks each time. I saw her move her ass a little as the oil dribbled onto her rosebud but she said nothing; obviously enjoying having her back, neck and shoulders massaged. I alternated between rubbing oil into her back, and massaging her neck and shoulders while cheekily also rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks.

I'd been sneakily oiling my cock as well while oiling my hands so it was gliding between her cheeks nicely. Usually when we did massages I would get to the point where I couldn't take any more and would enter her from behind.

Not in the forbidden holy grail of her asshole but at least I could see the view from behind and rub her clit while I did.

Accidental anal story

So, this night, having reached the point of no more self control, I continued to massage her shoulders while pressing my cock into her warm, slippery vagina. I reached around to tickle her clitoris…hmm. That's further away than I was expecting. My cock is definitely in…what's going on here? I investigate a little more with my fingers and find her pussy…and my cock isn't in it.

Holy shit. I first tried to fuck a girl in the ass at 18 and had to stop as it was too painful for her. Two attempts with the same girl failed, too painful. Yet here I am up to my balls in that sweet little butthole. I pull out just to have the pleasure of feeling my cock push it's way through her rosebud and into her tight anal passage. Mmhmm that feels damn good. I start fucking her ass with long, deep strokes.

I know she won't orgasm this way and that's disappointing but she's enjoying the closeness and the look on her face while my cock is buried in her asshole tells me her dirty side is enjoying this. It's not long before I explode in her ass and deliver my sticky load direct to her bowels. I'm not sure Accidental anal story felt better than pussy, although it was nice and tight. The real pleasure is in knowing it's such a dirty deed. And after so many years of wishing and trying…wow. Source: reddit. An ex and I were drinking one night.

She was not into anal, I was.

Accidental anal story

She ended up jumping me that night. She pushed me. She put my cock on her pussy lips. I position my hips lower as she lowered. My reply was, "Just lower yourself down and fuck my dick. She fucked my dick with her ass hard and fast. In about 2 min she came hard. She never wanted it sober, but there was a few more times down the road. It went in her ass so nicely and smoothly compared to struggles in times we had tried that I genuinely had no idea I was in her ass.

We have done it again since, though. It was fine because, as she told me later, she felt relaxed, safe, and loved. It was a great lesson, as a former porn addict. Some saliva. I was already hard, Accidental anal story she did shove my dick down her throat real quick to make herself gag, before she mounted. Being a drunk ravenous nympho were no doubt factors in this. You take the bad. You take the good. Shortly after my wife and I were married, some 23 years ago…I was super horny…but she had a yeast infection and was a no go! I continue all over her getting her really worked up.

As I rubbed my cock in the crack of her ass looking for relief, she told me that could fuck her ass! I wasted no time in applying liberal lube, and went real slow, then gradually building up… And she was able to orgasm from it! Still having great sex after 23 years of marriage, and 26 years together! Get her really into it and start slow and just gradually work up the speed.

Accidental anal story

Great story! For as short as it was, you did use the word "rosebud" a lot, though… there have to be other euphemisms…. post. Next post. Nice job. That gag phlegm is a lot more effective lube than just saliva too. post 35M36F 9am First order of business. Fuck Jennys throat!?! Next post I am going to perform again at private Vegas sex club.

Accidental anal story

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